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Cho PD praises BigBang and Gdragon


 Producer and rapper Cho PD expressed praises for Big Bang and G-Dragon on the 16th.
Cho PD exclaimed, “Idol singers like Big Bang possess the ability of being musicians.” Rarely do idol groups these days possess members that produce their own music like Big Bang does.

About G-Dragon he said, “Since in many ways Big Bang has evolved out of being an idol with the abilities they possess as musicians, G-Dragon can be counted as the main representative for this.“

Cho PD’s praises towards Big Bang came rather as a surprise to many, especially because he praised G-Dragon who he has “dissed” in the past through many of his songs.

Some of his dissing raps towards G-Dragon and Big Bang:
“Cho PD bigger bang, GD’s favorite one cuz i got the slow flow and fast flow all in one package.”
“For a long time we big dogs we bigger bang than big bang, na mean? If I call someone out just like this, of course they wouldn’t keep still. Everyone knows how I am when I get pissed off every now and then. I would run away if my flows were as slow as yours.”

Source: Daum and Daum
Translated: alee @ ibigbang

WTF...he dissed GD before and now he's praising him?why here's Bom for you Cho PD

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