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Handwritten letters to Japan from KARA

KARA's heartwarming messages to Japanese Kamilia after the earthquake and tsunami


"To our beloved fans,

Everyone... I'm not sure how to greet you...
More than anything, I am worried about everyone's safety and health.
The sudden earthquake in the middle of the drama filming, although we were shocked, I think that everyone else must have been more surprised than we were.
I'm now back in Korea and I'm always listening to the news and reading on the internet about the situation in Japan.
Everyone, for everyone to not be hurt, I'm praying about it so hard... how should I say it...
I am really unsure...
But although the situation is scary and dangerous, I am praying hard that the day when I will see you all smiling comes sooner.
Please cheer up with the support of everyone, including mine.



"To the fans who are currently in trouble,

On the 11th the afternoon weather was very good and I was excited. In Japan it was the first time since my birth that I felt an earthquake.
I really can't express how I felt in words. We hurriedly put on the news on TV and saw a scene that I have never even seen in a movie.
I couldn't say a word. Even for a day, I couldn't sleep because of fear.
I still can't imagine it now, the fear and unease that those people have experienced.
I really hope that the moment where you can all be calm will come quicker, even by just a minute, even by just a second.
What kind of comforting words should I say? What kind of support can I give? Yes, it might be such a small thing, but I hope that you will be able to see the light of life and power through this.
Although right now it is hard, I really believe that you are people that have great courage!
Please cheer up!




It's been 4 days since the earthquake,
for some people their lives have been flipped upside down; for some changed forever.
For those whose family and friends have become victims to this disater...
I can't imagine the confusion and pain you are going through right now.
Please do not lose hope, don't lose faith.
My thoughts are with you ♥



"To our beloved fans,

We too are watching the internet and the news. Although I've also seen the current situation caused by the earthquake, when looking at the unfortunate situation on the screen, watching it was very difficult.
The only thing I can hope was that everyone would be able to recover from this quickly.
"If everyone will share each other's joy, then their sorrow will be halved," just like the saying.
If I can I'd like to help ease the pain of every Japanese person.
Don't lose hope! Please cheer up!



"To all of our Japanese fans,

Everyone, good morning!! I'm KARA's Jiyoung! Right now, I believe that Japan is in such trouble because of the earthquake. About this situation, the only thing I can do is to pray that everyone is safe...
Because of all our fan's encouragement we KARA can do our best every day!! That's why now I want to cheer you all on!! Everyone! Believe!!! Please don't lose!! :)
Please look forward!!
We too will become strong so everyone be strong too!! I'll be cheering you on ^_^/!!
Do you best <3

KARA's Jiyoung"

Source: Kamilia Japan
Translated by Meme D. Fluffy @ karaholics.com

brought to you by angels,

and for those who missed out on their generosity (monetary) for relief efforts
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