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VIPs stay pressed, Block B is the next, big K-Hip Hop Idol Group

Producer Cho PD praised the talents of Big Bang while revealing that he was training his own boy band, Block B, with the support of big name hip hop veterans. The producer revealed that wanted to ensure that his boys would debut with all the right skills.

In his interview with Newsen, Cho PD stated, “Any idol singer should have the competence of musicians like Big Bang.

Cho PD followed up by explaining how he trained the members of Block B to work on writing and composing about 100 songs over the course of their training period. In training them to become singer-songwriters, Cho PD hoped to expand their experience and competence level, as well as promote ‘expert ease’.

Composer Assbrass, who was praised as being a ‘prodigy’ before Jo PD scouted him, is in charge of Block B’s title and follow-up tracks, while hip hop veteran Rhymer is the producing head for the entire album.

Cho PD stated, “SM Entertainment has Yoo Young Jin and YG Entertainment has Teddy. The two companies are known for their in-house producers, and the sounds they produce have become trademarks for the labels. Under the support of Assbrass and Masterkey, Block B learned how to become musicians themselves and developed their own essence and sound.

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