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New Big Bang album in the works?! + Official pics from MNet comeback

G-Zeus looks amazing, Top is Adonis manifested in human form etc etc.Collapse )

YGE releases info regarding new Big Bang album!

Big Bang appears to be dead-set on making 2011 their year, as they’ve just announced plans for another album release!

On March 17th, representatives of YG Entertainment spoke through Star News and revealed, “Big Bang will be promoting in Korea a lot this year, and are currently preparing for a new album that will surprise fans.”

According to YGE, Big Bang plans to head straight back into the recording studio once they wrap up their “Tonight” promotions and their upcoming Japanese tour. It’s also being reported that the boys will work hand-in-hand with huge international producers.

The representatives continued, “Any music fan will be able to recognize who these producers are just by the mention of their names. They’re well-known figures in the U.S. and Europe, and we’ve been in contact with them for a while now. After we finalize the list of producers Big Bang will be working with, they’ll be going straight into their album production.”

Yang Hyun Suk added, “We’re currently in contact with about 10 producers known worldwide in order to produce their next album. Their labelmates, 2NE1, previously worked with Will.I.Am, and Big Bang will be doing just that with another famous European producer. Because Big Bang has their own producer within the group - G-Dragon - the album will be a type of collaboration between the international producers and G-Dragon.”

sources: Mnet via TeamBIGBANG + AKP via Star News via Nate
note: Big Bang's Japanese tour ends around mid-May, not sure if they're still going ahead with it given the current situation.

Christ, that's fast :o
idky, I keep thinking they're gonna work with Guetta lol.

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