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Pet Story of the Day for Animal Lovers: A Woman and Her Pets <3

Hyori shares a story about how she adopted a pet during her hiatus. Hope it puts a little smile on your face. =)))

source: soompi via translated by scribbles*

After Hyori's 4th album was hit with plagiarism chaos last year when it was caught having seven plagiarized songs (all of which one songwriter gave to her) Hyori revealed recently on "Yoo Hee Yeol's Radio Heaven" that the incident made her want to just drop everything and retire, and was depressed. She didn't want to do anything with the media or entertainment and thought that no matter what activities she'd try or no matter what she would say, it would only make everything, including herself, look even worse and it was hard to get back on her feet, both mentally and emotionally. But to cope through, she said she decided to stop constantly thinking of herself and tried volunteering for the enviroment and especially took hard action for abandoned animals and pets and she said as shameful as it is, after putting 100% of her time and attention on herself for so many years, she didn't take the time to really realize how much was going on around her everywhere else.

She's now becoming a big model in Korea for adopting pets as she keeps talking about it through little places and her fan cafes and many of her fans are taking time to go with her to help volunteer at the animal shelters. And through this is where she met a new special friend, Soon Shimee!

Hyori's little story:

안성보호소 봉사가서 만난 순심이...
다른 아이들과 달리 혼자있는 모습이 안쓰러웠다..자꾸 다른 아이들이 괴롭혀서 혼자뒀다는 소장님 말씀을듣고 마음이 쓰였다.
만져달라 보채지도 않고 어딘가 우울해보였던 아이...

Here's Soon Shimee who I met at the Ahn Sung Shelter. It was really sad to see her seperated and alone from the other dogs. When I asked why she was alone, it broke my heart when they said that the other dogs keep bothering and hurting her so they had to keep her isolated for her safety. She didn't even try to be petted or touched, and there was just something about her that looked incredibly lost and depressed...

촬영을 핑계삼아 데려왔다...
건강검진을 하고 미용을 시키니 한쪽눈이 누군가 무언가에 공격에 의해 실명됐고 자궁 축농증이 심해 바로 수술을 받아야한다고 했다...
결국 순심이는 촬영에서 제외됐고 2주간 병원에있었다..다시 보호소로 보낼수가 없어 집으로 데려오니 순심인 매일매일 잠만 잤다..

I brought her from the shelter in excuse to take pictures...
After taking her to the vet for a check-up and a little grooming, we found out that one of her eyesight was lost due to abuse, and her uterus had a serious infection that she needed surgery. After getting the surgery, she was released from the hospital after another two weeks. I couldn't take her back to the shelter so I brought her home, and as soon as I did, all she ever did every day was sleep.

너무 순해서 이름이 순심인 아이...

I named her Soon Shimee because she's so Soon Hae (순해- meaning gentle/mellow)

집에있는 고양이 아이들이 제일 문제였다... 과연 순심이를 받아줄지...그런데...나만에 걱정이었다..아이들은 너무나 사랑스러웠다..

The biggest worry about bringing her home were my cats, and if they would accept her.
However, that ended up just being my own worries, because they were absolutely in love with her too.

그뒤로 순심인 점점 건강해졌고 등산을 좋아하는 나보다 더 등산을 좋아하는듯하다..
안보이는 한쪽눈은 생활하는덴 지장이 없다하니..다행이다...

After awhile, Soon Shimee has gotten much healthier and loves hiking even more than me who can't live without hiking.
I'm just relieved that her blind eye isn't stopping her from living and doing things she loves.

더 많이 보여주고 더 많이 뛰어놀게 해주고싶다...안좋은 기억은 모두모두 잊게......

I want to show you so much more and have you freely run around enough to forget everything bad that's ever happened to you.

but..엄마가 연예인이라...바쁘고 아무데나 못데려가서 미안타 그래도 사람도 많은 미용실에서 이건 좀....ㅋㅋㅋ

But because your mama's a celebrity, I'm sorry for having little time to do all those things with you.
But still, isn't it a little embarassing being this comfortable and sleeping so well in a public place like this? Keke..

언제나 떨어지지 않으려는 순심이...미용실에도 촬영장에도 심지어 친구들이랑 노래방갈때도..늘이렇게 안겨있으려는 녀석
순심아 엄마는 널 떠나지 않을꺼야...안심해도 좋아!! 사랑해 순심아~~

Never knowing how to let go no matter where we go...the salon, a photoshoot, or even when kereoking with friends..
You're good to let go and believe because Mama's never going to leave you! I love you, Soon Shim-ah~~~


Someone also posted at the shelter's website that Soon Shimee never leaves the door until Hyori comes home..

so they had to put a basket for her so she wouldn't get cold after so long on the floor

And the person said they were hesitant of putting this picture up because of star's image or whatever, but since everybody knows Hyori's gorgeous without makeup anyway, she couldn't resist:


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