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[NEWS] 110319 - ‘Comeback’ Infinite, “All Preparations Are Finished, Now We Need to Soar”

The group, Infinite, told us their thoughts about the comeback.

Before going on stage for the March 18th episode of KBS2 ‘Music Bank’, Infinite met with Asia Economy: Sports Today. They showed confidence for this album’s promotions by saying, “All preparations are finished. Now all we need to do is soar.”

They also added on, “As we promote with our title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’, we plan to become a bit more relaxed and enjoy the stage more”, and laughed while saying, “We definitely feel that the cute concept fits perfectly with us."

“If ‘BTD’ was a really masculine concept, then the concept for ‘Nothing’s Over’ would be strong in the friendly feel.” They added, “Since it’s similar to what our members are like normally, I think we can freely enjoy it on stage as well."

For their closing words Infinite requested, “Although we are burdened by all the comebacks from prominent seniors, our goal is to get 1st on a music program. Please give a lot of love and interest.”

Meanwhile, their title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’, was written by Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo and its features are impressive lyrics, a melody that’s touching but easy to listen to, and a unique sound. Also, the loving and cheerful voices that only Infinite has, maximize the feeling of the song and increase the level of completeness.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥

 article cr; sports today 

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