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Infinite pic of Mubank backstage, Nothing's Over on YT daily views chart, Inspirit's Hanteo Chart

110318 -  Twitter - @KBSMusicBank

[뮤직뱅크 대기실현황]핑크빛 러블리 보이들로 돌아온 일곱남자의 사랑스런 매력 탐구!!! :D 컴백무대 기대해주세요! http://ow.ly/i/9hy6

[Music Bank’s Backstage Right Now] Investigating the lovable charms from the 7 males who came back as pink-colored, lovely boys!!! :D Look forward to their comeback stage!

(Pink colored = something related in romance)

110319 - CEO Twitter - @cerapeace

우왕ㅋ굳ㅋRT @nuz_oo @starmakerljy thㅏ장님 ㅠㅠ인피닛 유튭 일간 최대 조회수 1위에요ㅠㅠ인휘닛 흥해라!!!! http://yfrog.com/h31y6caj

Uwah ㅋGood ㅋ RT @nuz_oo @starmakerljy CEO-nim ㅠㅠ Infinite’s number one for daily views on Youtube ㅠㅠLet Infinite prosper!!!!

“Nothing’s Over” Chart Rankings as of 11am KST

Cyworld - 29

Mnet - 13
Bugs - 4
MelOn - 38

Dosirak - 41

110318 - Hanteo Daily Charts

Real-Time Charts
Not only is Inspirit in second place but First Invasion has made its way to fourth!

From the ETN Nothing's Over behind the scene Interview~

Just some basic facts:

- There are two new dances from “Nothing’s Over” - The seal dance & the whining dance.
MC: You said that he would change your dorm once you reached 10th place, right?
Sungyeol: It changed (the conditions). The 10th place one was for BTD, and now he says he’ll change it if we reach 7th place.

- fuckyeahinfinite
- infiniteupdates (1, 2)
- nolimitinfinite
trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates (1, 2); take out with full credits

Seal dance?? I've been imitating a seal since yesterday while watching their MV???
Omo omo *facepalms*

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