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Ceci invites you to 4minute's comeback backstage party !

4minute is featured in the April issue of Ceci. The girls struck the pose for their "Last Minute at Backstage" photoshoot, talked about their achievements and hinted at their impending comeback in an interview.

The 5 girls who only care about music became a hot issue just 100 days after their debut, shining by themselves when on stage. 4minute's comeback backstage party. In their boudoir, we captured their fashion style.

Kim Hyunah
Hot Issue - Took Japan and Asia by storm

I'm honored that we received the 2010 Billboard Japan New Artist Award, that we ran an overseas tour and did much more. There have been a lot of times when I was touched by our foreign fans. When they see us coughing, they buy us medicine, they pay attention and give feedback to every of our appearances in concerts, they even learn the Korean lyrics and fanchants so they can sing along, which I find heartwarming. During my 3rd year in elementary school, as I was standing in front of a traffic light, I suddenly thought "I want to dance and sing"; I picked this path even though it never seemed it could give me a secure future. I think it's because I liked and was excited about what I was learning day by day that I was able to make it through the trainee days and enjoy that period. Even now, it's still the same. It's good and exciting to gain experience abroad and learn stuff. As for confidence, I think that, as you take your time and strive hard, it will come as big as your efforts.

Heo Gayoon
Diamond - A treasure I will never trade

If someone asks me "In your dorms, what is the treasure that you would never trade, even for a diamond?", I will answer without any hesitation "Take anything from me but the members". I'm curious as for how long we will have the chance to provide great performances, as for how far we will be able to go under the name of 4minute. I wish I already knew about it but I'm pretty sure we will go far as five members. You will be able to see how stronger 4minute has got in our full-length album scheduled to be released in the beginning of April. Not only the members, but the composers, the lyricists, the choreographers, the stylists and even the company's staff have been spending sleepless nights and struggling. Our style, our choreography, everything from us has got stronger.

Kwon Sohyun
For Muzik - The trainee days that made me doubt about my future

I dreamt about acting when I joined the idol group Orange while I was attending elementary school. At that time, the results we achieved weren't great and I once ditched my dreams of becoming a singer. However, I saw that a senior in my school made her debut and I felt an inferiority complex. I fully realized what I really wanted to do. When I joined 4minute's agency, CUBE Entertainment, I wasn't a trainee but in the "in preparations" lot. For 3 months, I had to go through tests : I had to keep improving if I didn't want to leave the company. Anyone gets nervous and anxious if they start to think about their uncertain future. Instead of a distant future, I focused on a closer one that was to become a trainee. Up until now, I'm used to concentrating on the time that's just ahead of me. It's more important to me to endure the present rather than worry about a future that is uncertain. I'm really satisfied with the present as I'm learning how to prevent myself from becoming lazy.

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Jeon Jiyoon
Hot Issue - When we become the topic of discussions

When we try to capture the public's attention, we unintentionally become the object of gossips as well as the object of malicious comments. When it comes to malicious comments, I think that the members modestly accept the criticisms whatever they are then to desire to show a better image. There were also times that we were hurt despite our hardened hearts. In particular, we earned the hurtful nickname "deudminit" in reference to how some people think little of our music. Compared to other girl groups, we deliver boyish and powerful performances that don't necessarily abide by the general standards. I wish that people could apprehend our color through our passionate gestures and emphatic expressions that inflame the stage. Since our debut, our team slogan has been "Rather than the Best, the Only". In order to make 4minute's unique charms recognized, we want to perform a lot and bring the best of us. That's what all the members think. We have the mindset to think about the opportunity that's given to us, instead of caring about how big the stage is. This is with such attitude that we want to become a group that always impressively showcases extraordinary content such as songs, style, performances.

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Sources: 4-minutes Forum, Ceci, 4Minute girls tumblr (1 & 2)
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