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2ne1 comeback news :)

  Girl group 2NE1's full-scale entry into Japan is facing a temporary delay.

2NE1, which was supposed to start their Japan promotions on March until May, with Japan's largest record label, Avex, was expected to focus on local activities. They had started their pre-debut activiies this month in preparation for their massive Japan promotions.

However, because of the earthquake that occurred in Japan on the 11th, which caused numerous casualties and property damages, 2NE1's penetration into the Japan market has been held off and put on hold.

On the 16th, YG Entertainment agency head, Yang Hyun Suk, revealed to Star News on the 16th, "We planned to have many promotional activities for Japan, for at least two months until May, where they will concentrate there," but he continued, "However, because of the recent great damage that happened in Japan, 2NE1's promotional plans and activities would have to be on hold, and would first act on helping Japan instead," he said.

After that, Yang Hyun-Suk said, "2NE1 and everyone else genuinely wish that no more damages happen to Japan and the Japanese fans." he said, "For now, we truly cannot tell when the time for 2NE1's Japanese activities would be, and we can't guarantee a date, but when things become more stable in Japan, then we would grant all the requests to have local promotions," he said.

And yet, Yang Hyun-Suk also revealed, "Once we decided to penetrate the Japan market, we originally planned for the girls to return back to the domestic music scene during June or July, but for now, the possibility is extremely high that it would be moved up," he said, "We aim to release a new domestic album for 2NE1 on April," he finished.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 departed the country on the 9th, to be able to appear on Music Station on the 11th, but due to the earthquake that happened on the day of the broadcast itself, the program was cancelled, and 2NE1 returned home on the 12th.

Source: news.nate
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Exclusive Interview by Chosun Sports

The everyday lives of 2NE1 who are at the peak of their popularity are revealed for the first time. The members posing in the training gym. From the left, Gong Minji, Park Bom, Sandara Park, CL.

Their charisma dominates the stage, their toughness that refuses to be like princesses, electronic music that seizes your ears…..
These images rise up when you say the name 2NE1. In 2009, they met the public for the first time with 'Lollipop' and in just 2 years, they have become the idol world's best girl group. During an era where it was typical to see girl groups like Girls Generation and Wonder Girls who are pretty and have nice bodies, 2NE1 appeared with a completely different image. They chose running shoes instead of high heels, and instead of clothes lined with lace, they wear hip hop pants and baseball caps, adding to their androgynous appeal. With the natural appearance they make on stage, they have stolen the hearts of not men, but females. 

To celebrate Sports Chosun's 21st anniversary, we are revealing the every day lives of 2NE1, who has experienced a whirlwind of growth, for the first time. We were able to get an exclusive glimpse of the girls behind-the-scene, preparing to make their comeback at the YG Entertainment main building located in Hapjeongdong, in Seoul.

2NE1 practicing dance moves.

▶ Even when we look at it, from finger to toe, we aren't in sync

The very first place that we met 2NE1 was in their dance studio in the basement of the YG building. In their large dance studio surrounded by mirrors, the 4 members were lightly stretching. It was to the extent in which we couldn't tell at first glance whether they were playing or practicing dance. 

And so therefore, we thought, are they dancing freestyle like they do on stage? The members stated while laughing, "Our dancing is really uncoordinated isn't it? Should we say that it's too different?" If that's the case, was their dancing not like that originally?

In response to this, CL explained, "We want to be like other groups and dance entirely in sync from fingers to toes as well. However it doesn't turn out like that when we're on stage.", "So instead, the moment we get on stage, we just let loose. We move our body freely to the music. It's not that we've purposely made individual choreography for each member."


The reason that they are able to do different choreography each time also reflects positively of the decisions of the members since the very first dance choreographed.

Park Bom stated, "The choreographer had arrived without any ideas really, so we listened to the music together, ideas popped up in our heads. Naturally, the members' individual personalties had to have been melted into it."

2NE1 chatting in the recording studio.

▶Memories of the recording studio, "Even though it was only two years ago…"

The starting point at which 2NE1 was able to receive such great love from the public was the recording studio. The music first had to be made, and it was only afterwards that the dances could be choreographed and the outfits could be decided on. And as a result, they couldn't help but put their greatest effort into recording. On the days which they have to work in the studio located on the 3rd floor, they dress as comfortably as possible . It's often that they stay up overnight while they're working on something, and mostly they would wear training gear.


The thing that has changed the most since their debut 2 years ago was their stance in the recording studio. The members stated that they remember exactly how they looked the very first time they recorded. Park Bom recalled, "The 4 of us were seated side by side on a long sofa. Since we were rookies, we couldn't even lean on the back of the sofa. We recorded like that and were nearly exhausted to death."

'We were like this 2 years ago!' The 2NE1 members recall their appearances in the recording studio from 2 years ago while laughing.

The members had fun as they sat upright with their waists straight, appearing as if they were recruits at the army and couldn't conceal their laughter.

2NE1, who is starting their Korean activities the next day, hints subtly about their new album, "Currently we've finished one song. It seems as though we'll have to continue living here (in the studio)."

2NE1 posing in the training gym.

▶Bodies developed under the watch of their expert trainer

When it comes to girl groups, one thing that's unavoidable is watching your body. Still, 2NE1 doesn't tend to wear many revealing clothes, and they tend to be free to themselves when it comes to their diet. However other than the slim Sandara Park, who could put on some weight, there is another member who is working hard on their body.


Park Bom receiving instructions from her trainer and exercising.

Sandara Park shows a bright smile while on top of the exercise machine.

An interesting fact is that inside of the YG building, there is a full-out training gym, and an expert trainer who resides there. The members stated, "Our gym faces the Han River. If we're exercising at night, we become completely absorbed into the night view and work even harder."

Sandara Park exercising with her trainer.

As they enter the training gym, the trainer orders them to do different exercises individually. Minji, the youngest, is obsessed with exercising to the point that her body feels unwell even if she misses her exercises for one day. She works very hard to move between different exercising machines. Sandara Park shows an excited expression as she goes back and forth between different machines.

CL & Minji exercising while following their trainer's instructions.

For Park Bom, who has had a particularly large amount of topics concerning her weight stated while laughing, "When I first saw the news, I was curious as to why this kind of news was released since I wasn't that fat. I was really shocked at first, truthfully, but I sucked it up and thought that it'll be fine if I just work harder."

CL exercising while following her trainer's instructions.

Our thoughts after viewing 2NE1's everyday life which was revealed for the first time to the press was that they were really bright. At every opportunity, they make jokes, and once the had stated chatting, it felt like they would never end. But when they record or start their dance practice, you could see their very serious expressions and the reason behind their charisma on stage.

Source: news.nate
Translated by GEE @
Photos uploaded by crazyxcami @y
Bonus 11st BTS For You If You Managed Till the End...

source: 11stblog

April comeback? Yeaaaaahhh don't thin
k so.
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