Graveyard Girl (crisketch) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Graveyard Girl

Noh Min Woo is a lump of charms!!

Noh Min Woo's collarbones have become a hot topic these days.

On the afternoon of the 20th of March, No Min Woo revealed, through twitter, a picture of himself at the Midas filming set. Netizens have been sent into a tizzy over the picture together with which he tweeted, "I'm concentrating. Over."

The picture shows Noh Min Woo at the set of Midas, concentrated on playing the guitar. Female fans are especially captivated by his devoted expression and his clavicle line and have aptly named him the next generation Kko-Peun-Nam. *Kko-Peun-Nam means a guy that you want to hit on.

Netizens have commented, "His collarbones are prettier than a girl's", "Noh Min Woo truly is a lump of charms", "He really seems like he as a lot of charms, Noh Min Woo fighting!"

Noh Min Woo currently appears on SBS drama 'Midas' as Yu Myeong Jun, the youngest brother in a wealthy family.

lots of lovely lady lumpsCollapse )

sources: bntnews + NMW's twitter translation: crisketch

beautiful gorgeous sexy amazing clavicles amen :>
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