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This is your Flawless Block Post

Big Boss Cho PD reveals a new teaser picture of Block B plus pictures of members Zico and Jaehyo

Member Jaehyo, a former uljjang

Member Zico
Cho PD's twitter

Who is the participant from ‘Birth of a Great Star’ that will be debuting first in the music industry? Who will be under the teaching of ‘Cho PD’

Cho PD currently has his eyes on a member from the MBC audition program ‘Birth of a Great Star’ for the idol group he is making titled, ‘Block B’.

The idol team Block B is currently on their final preparations and Cho PD had spared much of his words on this new trainee he saw from the program..

He stated, “In order to perfect their images and training, I will not be revealing much information on the new trainee’s name or any specific details.”

He also added, “I thought about how many people will be able to handle the auditions held on the main stage. One of the sunbae singers told me at the spot, ‘It will be really hard for even professional singers to show off their 100% in intimidating stages like this.’”

Cho PD, who had participated in the auditions for ‘Birth of a Great Star’ for about 4 months states, “The trainee that I had my eyes one participated in two auditions and was able to proceed after the star audition in Lotte World. The results of the audition can different from what the people thinks and imagines. It might have nothing to do with the actual results.”

Meanwhile, the idol group that Cho PD had planned out will be debuting in April.
Nate+Translated @ Block B's international forum

inb4 "Zico looks like Junhyung" Zico still looks attractive when he takes off his sunglasses, tyvm. Also, Jaehyo's hair is not okay, he looks better predebut.
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