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Fan account: 2PM @ Live&Rockin' Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia

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The event was by blackberry for the launching of new foursquare swarm badge. I came with two friends (Chitra, who is a Chansung fangirl, and Uny, who is a Junsu fangirl) and met up with Chitra’s friends over there. We got free ticket to the event after submitting name/phone number/email a few days prior. We came to the venue at 1PM because we had to exchange the e-tickets in an app from our blackberry’s with the physical tickets. When we got there, the queue was already so long and the exchanging was supposed to start at 1PM but they stalled it for half an hour, finally they opened the ticket booths. There was some glitch with my sim card, it wouldn’t connect my phone to the internet, thus I couldn’t show the e-ticket in the application, while all my friends already got theirs and were waiting for me. After getting tossed back and forth by the security guards, I found out that there’s special booth for phone with troubles, so I went there and I got my ticket \o/.

We had to move to the other gate (for security check, and wristbands), where we queued and waited again for approx. 4-5 hours (the gate was opened at 5.30PM). THEN, we had to queue again (sjhdagsdkshd we pretty much wasted our time&energy standing/sitting on the pavements, really. Not to mention it was scorching hot >:[ ) right before entering the venue. Also there was this huge rundown stand in the form of blackberry torch, it was cool.

When we got in to the venue (FINALLY!!!!), my friends and I stood like around 10-15 meters to the stage, and people kept chanting “2PM!! 2PM!! 2PM!!” and people just screamed their lungs out whenever pictures of 2PM showed up on the screen. The screen basically played people’s experience with blackberry, and the blackberry fever w/e, picture slide show of the performers, tweets with #BBlive hashtag and people checking in on 4sq. The festival started at 7.30 (the rundown actually showed that 2PM were going to get on stage at 7). Two MCs came out, the guy was VJ Daniel of MTV Indonesia (he’s been with mtv Indonesia for years, so people know him) while the girl was idk who, must have been a new VJ.

They opened the fest and just joked around telling that we came to see local boyband (I gathered from the boos I heard that people don’t really like them lol idk w/e) and sang their song, more boos came out. More small talks, after that, they just shouted “2PM!!!!! Enjoy the show, guys!”

I swear when 2PM came out the scream was deafening and there was just a throng of people surging forward trying to get to the stage. They started off with I’ll Be Back. People sang along and shouted the name of their bias. I heard “KhunKhunKhun” a lot, and girls were like “OMG OMG HE’S SO CUTE. LOOK AT HIS MILKY WHITE SKIN OMGOMG” but people kept pushing and pulling it was like, you know how it feels to float in the sea with nothing in sight, you just follow where the waves take you? Yes, that kind of feeling. The first thing I noticed is that everyone is good looking irl, FOR FRIGGIN REAL. Especially Chansung and Junho. I used to see Chansung as old faced magnae, and like he’s good looking but that’s that, but when I saw him on stage my God, so so so good looking. Junho is so adorable and cute and a-ma-zing, Chitra caught him laughing when he was singing I was like bawwwww, so adorable. They were wearing black wife beaters with leather vests.

They finished performing I’ll be back, and did the introduction. They said “Selamat malam (good evening)!! We’re 2PM!” and introduced themselves in Indonesian. It was in this order:

Wooyoung: Saya Wooyoung (I’m Wooyoung)

Chansung: Saya Chansung (I’m Chansung)

Junho: Saya Junho (I’m Junho)

Junsu: Saya Junsu, (I think he said peace or sth. PAYCE!)

: It’s Taec!

Khun: Saya Nickhun (I think? Lol idk the screams were getting even louder when it got to his turn)

Taec said that 2PM is glad because it’s their first time in Indonesia and the response is amazing and stuffs and how we shouldn’t push each other because it’s dangerous…. (lol I might be wrong because their voices were masked with the fans’ screams). Khun said something too.

Next: Heartbeat! (while I was actually expecting Without You). More pushing and pulling, we got really close to the stage, then we got a bit farther from the stage. When they did the heartbeart pyramid and they didn’t fall, I was like “slkjdlkahlaksjhfaomg im watching this with my own eyes!!! /screams”

You can see a girl being carried at 0:35 :(

Then there was I Hate You!! lol I screamed bloody murder because I became a Hottest around AAA&I Hate You era, and nobody actually expected 2PM to sing I Hate You. I went bananas during this song. But I laughed real bad when Junsu did Jay’s high note, which still sounded so awkward to me. omg.

They talked again, especially reminding people not to force their way to the front and a few fainted (?) or something.

SHIPJEOM MANJEOMAN SHIPJEOM! Yeah, baby, it’s two pee e-e-e-e-em! What a pleasant surprise that they sang 10 Out of 10 Points. They were extra flirty with the audience and just a lot of cute/sexy gestures, and the bboy moves B)

Chansung winked at the people nearer to the stage omg, Chitra just…lost it. We have choir audition on Monday and we kept reminding each other to save our voices and just, no screaming policy, but we lost it lmfao. Like just right after the 2nd chorus, the pushing got a lot more intense three of us and a few people fell down, and my mind was on red alert because seriously the last thing I want to happen to us is to die getting stepped on by a lot of people. Chitra was far to my right I couldn’t reach her, while Uny and I stuck together, I tried to hold her up, also I felt like I stepped on somebody’s leg/knee. The people that fell just screamed that they couldn’t get up, I just yelled at people to help us get up. I am naturally protective, so I tried so badly to reach Chitra while holding Uny and trying to get her up and just yelled at her to try to get up while I was on the floor . Most of this was recorded on Chitra’s tab and Uny’s digital camera. Fortunately, people around us were kind enough to lend a helping hand. I was really in panic mode, then I saw Uny freaking laugh at the fact that we fell. Lol I swear I almost punched her. We got up and continued to watch 2PM till the end, then 2PM said their goodbyes and “Terima kasih (thank you and a few talks)” and we were like ‘No, don’t go!!! We want more!! We want more!!! 2PM!!!” but that was all.

The three of us went out of the venue to the bar to get some coke and water, and took pics with the stills. I wanted to stay longer until 12AM to watch Shontelle, Taio Cruz and Suede (well, mainly for Suede) but we were really tired after all the commotions, so we decided to grab a cab and head to Burger King where watched the fancams while eating and when we got to the part where we fell, we just lmfao’d so bad. Also, my body is still sore ;~; and now it feels like my limbs and hips are going to fall apart whenever I laugh.


lol the only 2pm pic that isn't blurry

lololol better than the rest

1. Chansung: OMG SO GOOD LOOKING IRL OMG OMG. I didn’t get why people would say Chansung is handsome and stuffs, but man, how wrong I was, it’s like he was glowing on stage. Skjahsjdkjas. He winked at people near the stage, and he threw his towel to the crowd (CHitra cursed at this). Holy crap the screams!!!!

2. Junho: I love him a lot since idol army days and fffffffff seiing him irl is like so weird. Waaaaay waaaay cuter, handsome, amazing irl sobbing.

3. Taecyeon: Taecyeon was smiling all the damn time and so playful he was in good mood. I remember Taec was rubbing his abs, and little by little pulling his shirt up and his hipbones omg, I love looking at guy’s hipbones. I was gaping and omg NICE H-I-P-B-O-N-E-S /SCREAMS.

4. Khun: We all know that Khun has milky white skin and is a cute, smiling angel etc. so I was kinda like meh when I saw him. Nothing out of the ordinary.

5. Junsu: I feel bad for saying this, but he looks cuter post-surgery.

6. Wooyoung: Poor baby, he was the only one that looked really tired and his hair color looks awful.

All I can think of right now is askljdhaklshklahj ERRRBODY IS SO GOOD LOOKING, SO HANDSOME, SO CUTE, I bet you guys are all bored already lol. they also took off their vests during perfs, oh yummm.

I can’t really say much on how well their live singing because the bass was loud and the fucking screams… I can’t even … I could barely hear 2PM. For comparison, I went to Korean-Indonesian Friendship Festival to watch SHINee, I actually could hear SHINee’s voices. The screams are equally loud, but because they had better arrangement for the audience i.e. they had seats @ KIFF while we had to stand up the whole time for this one, so the screams weren’t right next to my ears, I still could hear SHINee properly. Jonghyun’s voice is gold, Onew’s is soft and gentle just like his name askldalksjdakl, Taemin’s voice, Minho and his looooooong never ending limbs, Key is just *_*.

Okay, back to 2PM heheh :P. They were so cute during talking part, they talked among themselves first and looked hesitant before saying their greetings and the 2nd portion of the talk, Taec did the “I say 2P, you say M!!!!! “ thing.

Taec: I SAY 2P, YOU SAY M! 2P!

Crowd: M!!

2PM: 2P!!

Crowd: M!!

We did this for a few times, I think between I Hate You and 10 Out of 10 Points? I’m not sure (I cant really remember the right order of some stuffs, everything just felt surreal aackkkk!!!). They also repeatedly told us to enjoy the show safely.
The fancams Chitra and Uny took are unstable (because, I repeat once again, of the pushing and pulling). I don’t even bother to upload them lol. So, that’s all I can tell.

Also, VJ Daniel tweeted a photo with Khun:

The most humble and coolest guy I chat to from 2PM! @Khunnie0624. Safe flight, bro!

pictures: @chinyuu & @dyaksani
fancams: amela2102
VJ Daniel’s tweet

And I apologize if this big blob of a monster is confusing and tl;dr and all over the place because I typed this in one go, with just skimming through it once to put more tidbits about the concert :D
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