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4minute poses for ELLE girl - "We got better through our overseas activities"

Ahead of the release of their new album, the 4minute girls are being gorgeous and innocent spring girls for a fresh photoshoot in the April issue of ELLE girl.

In the meantime, the group has been to Japan and Southeast Asia and has been focusing on their promotion activities abroad. So this is with excitement, that the girls took part in the shooting of the pictorial before the start of their domestic promotions in a long time.

The girls are known to be overwhelming with charisma on stage, but, in this photospread, they're flaunting their feminine beauty more than anything else. They wore beige-toned clothes and paraded their hidden innocent feminine beauty to their heart's content.

In the interview released along with the photoshoot, 4minute expressed their satisfaction "It was amazing to see our fans cheer us along to our music and we were really moved."

In particular, Jeon Jiyoon expressed her ambitious determination. She stated "Through our overseas promotions, we gained stage experience, time management skills and much more" and then asserted "We want to see another 4minute syndrome."

In addition, the youngest member Kwon Sohyun and the leader Nam Jihyun showed greed. They respectively said "We want to show our Korean fans an amazing image of the 5 members that we couldn't fully show before and, this, all by ourselves" and "In the future, I hope that the 5 members will be 'artists' that are not embarrassed to be called so."

Nam Jihyun
I My Me Mine - Like 4minute

There is a lot of girl groups but I think that, when it comes to teamwork, we're the best. From the trainee period to the present day, we've been together and we never had a big argument, we're busy staying by each other's side. Although we had our few slip-ups, we're the types to stand for one another and to take care of what we're saying. We've been told that we didn't seem entertaining on popular variety programs and that we had to stop looking reserved. Even though, it is only on stage that we've seen devouring everything, shooting lasers from our eyes and such, personality-wise, as one, we don't have a competitive spirit. Please, I hope that you we'll see the members display their competitive spirits and get first on sports special programs for the Chuseok and the Lunar New Year. There is something else similar to that : we're not much different in front of men. We've been told to try to hang out with other men - not only BEAST or the managers - but you will never see us trying to act all feminine and really cute in front of men. I wish we were said to be coy !

Sources: Nate, 야루가윤 (NO DIRECT LINK. SORRY.), 4-Minutes Forum (1 & 2)
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