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19.03.11 Super Junior's 3nd Asia Tour: Super Show 3 Malaysia fancams

Another mega SS3 post is here!!

Well, I also attended Super Show 2 and personally felt that I enjoyed myself more last year. I have no idea why. Probably because I prefer 3rd jib over the 4th and somehow, I also felt that there were more singing last year? Not forgetting the fact that SJ-M performed 2 songs instead of just 1. Plus, it felt rushed. I was later informed that their flight was at 11pm that night and apparently, the boys even checked out before the concert that noon.

It was all a blur~~ Lovely photo by epikly.

However, at the end of the day, it was still a pretty darn good concert (and it seems my cousin brother preferred this year's) so here is what I managed to compile for all of you who enjoy fancams/want to re-live the concert on 19th March 2011. Noted: Not all fan-cams have been linked, just the ones I feel would be different compared to the others.

According to sequence... starting with the usual
1) Sorry Sorry Remix &
2) Super Girl(Korean) Remix

Followed by one of my favourites of the night (it was so so so good, esp when ZM, Henry, HeeChul and JungMo emerged).
3) Don’t Don Remix
Credits to Epiklyhigh, epikly

For No Other and Song For You, the blocks from L2-L6 did a special project and raised mini-hearts on cards so here is my view of the project. Apparently some ELFs from Thailand are mad over it since they did a similar one too but honestly, I wasn't aware of their project and I'm sure the same went for those who had organized it.
4) No Other (project + Sapphire Blue lights)

Of course, who can forget the hilarious...
5) Self Introduction Video
Credits to misswatever93 @ Youtube.

6) Confession

Another fan-cam of mine. (Focused on YeSung for the first minute or so and then Hyuk for another minute or so and then the rest)
7) Good Person

8) Rokkugo

This is probably not much different from those in other concerts but since I'm Wookie-bias...
9) One Fine Spring Day
Credits to steviejmacinheart @ Youtube.

I was so excited when I realized Kyu was going to sing 新不了情(Xin Bu Liao Qing). And even though he wasn't suited up as he was in previous concerts (at least the ones I watched), he looked (and sounded) amazing in the casual all-black outfit too!
10) New Endless Love
Credits to raindropsaudi @ Youtube.

EunHae didn't strip because it's Malaysia. LOL. But it was still a hot and smexy number.
11) I Wanna Love You
Credits to EiYaIsAnELF @ Youtube.

Teukie also sang in Mandarin and the crowd sang along, happily.
12) Kiss Goodbye
Credits to yansikyu1013 @ Youtube.

13) Looking for the Day

Was so excited to see Henry and it was slightly disappointing when the fan-chants came in later than it should have but overall, it looked like he enjoyed himself in Malaysia too and judging from my friends (who previously weren't Henry-biased), he obviously won a lot of hearts that night. =)
14) Baby
Credits to sjm7rainbow @ Youtube.

Another sexy one by Ming. He appeared mostly on the other side of the stadium so sadly, I didn't manage to get a good look of him throughout the concert.
15) If You Leave
Credits to KaNGaRooBaby910 @ Youtube.

Are you down, down, down, down, down?~
16) Down
Credits to Epiklyhigh, epikly

17) Ttok Ttok Ttok
18) You & I

Below is a snippet of Song For You, a personal fan-cam of mine and it's extremely RyeoWook-bias. xD
19) Song for you

Then, it was Zhou Mi's turn for his solo. Dang, he needs more love from Malaysians! My block was almost silent. He was such a diva throughout his solo.
20) Ms. Chic
Credits to sjm7rainbow @ Youtube.

21) Shake It Up Remix
22) Twins Remix
23) Hate U, Love U
24) In My Dream – KRY + Donghae + Sungmin

For those who have yet to watch,
25) Tribute to KangIn: Rinaldo
Credits to mollaa97 @ Youtube.

I didn't really like it. Partly because I felt it was redundant (although fans of KangIn will probably get me bricked) and also partly because it felt too morbid. I mean, holograms are usually only used when the singer is no longer alive, right?

26) All My Heart

I had been watching Kyu, Wookie and Henry's solos so much that it sort of lost some spark when I finally see/hear it LIVE. Then, YeSung came on with his solo and though he was never particularly my bias, it was magical. <3 Mid-way through, he stopped to let the crowd sing for him. ^^
27) It Has To Be You
Credits to misswatever93 @ Youtube.

Time for
28) Perfection! ♥ ♥
Credits to blacklady @ Youtube.

And here's another in which you can clearly see Henry slightly messing up the choreo but recovering in time for his line. Was endearing nonetheless.
Credits to sjm7rainbow @ Youtube.

30) A Man In Love
31) U (Rock remix)

Both Dancing Out and Cooking, Cooking were just pure lulz and I managed to record my favourite part from each of the performance.
32) Dancing Out

33) Cooking Cooking (Evil!Kyu & Hyuk + Teukie in SS3 Malaysia)

34) A Way for Love
35) Wonder Boy

Finally, ending speeches are always amusing.
I LOL-ed so much when Kyu started "speaking in English".
Credits to murashingo @ Youtube.

Loved this one too:
Credits to murashingo @ Youtube.
Henry: I think you guys should all pat yourself on the back for Twitter. 'Coz uh, when I check my tweets, I'd say that a good 70% are from Malaysia. I love you guys, thank ya'll!
+ DongHae sang a little of Bruno Mars towards the end.

A number of singing projects failed that night but at least, the Birthday song to Hyuk was done, thanks to Teukie. I daresay quite a lot of fans got selcas from the members that night (esp those with polaroid cameras). And if I'm not mistaken, a foreigner got to touch HeeChul's face with both her palms (LOL!) and I've read that quite a number managed to touch/shake Kyu's hands too.

If you have your fan-account/photos/videos to share from SS3 Malaysia, just leave me a comment and I will edit the post to add the link (if that is alright with the mods).

Source: Mostly Me & from all over YouTube, as credited before each embedded video.
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