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B2ST’s Kikwang & IU reveal their feelings about their “Inkigayo” MC debut

After successfully making their debut as the two newest MCs for SBS’s “Inkigayo” yesterday, IU and B2ST’s Kikwang shared their feelings on joining fellow MCs Jo Kwon and f(x)’s Sulli .

IU revealed, “I have experience MCing for another music program, but since ‘Inkigayo’ is live, I was extremely nervous. Jo Kwon and Sulli gave me a lot of advice and led us well, so I feel that my first episode with ‘Inkigayo’ went smoothly.”

Kikwang added, “I was, of course, nervous since it was my first debut as an MC, but I learned to become more natural in front of the camera through my experience on variety programs. I’m close friends with Jo Kwon as well, so it was very comfortable. I tried hard to enjoy it as I went along.”

He continued, “I’ve been watching ‘Inkigayo’ since I was little and always dreamed of appearing on it. The thought of introducing my juniors and seniors as an MC of the program makes me feel really proud.”

MC Jo Kwon rated their performance by stating, “I taught Lee Kikwang how to make opening statements with an impact, and I think he learned it all very well. The two are more than prepared for the job.”

Sulli concluded, “It’s obvious that they worked and prepared very hard for the role. I’m looking forward to having fun and working together as four.”

source: mybeastyboys
asia today via nate

jo kwon and kikwang's bromance is the cutest
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