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Twitter updates - CEO's warning towards Inspirits

There seems to be a lot of talk today about various problems, but I don’t want to say anything about this happening. However, I’ll tell you something not as a CEO of a company, but as a person. Photos and fancams are illegal to take during fansignings, events or other similar things.

I posted a notice on the official fancafe so please look at it. Because there’s something called portrait rights… Putting it up on sites or blogs without permission is illegal based on rules. It doesn’t matter if it’s for commercial use or non-commercial use… So starting from the 1st album, filming during any event or fansigning will not be allowed.


But to the people who had a tough time coming, especially those who live in the countryside cannot see them often, we gave silently gave less restraint and allowed it. I know well that photos and fancams can give more publicity. However, there are many incidents happening that all of you don’t know about.

Incidents where people send them bizarre/comedic pictures or when they take send photos with the eyes ripped out.. Unless it’s happened to you, there are many hurtful incidents happening that you don’t know. There are some people who record their conversations during the fansigning and ask things like… why did you act mean to me, why didn’t you act nicer, and then send it to us.

Anyways, I think that we should endure these happenings as celebrities. However, I still think that everyone should follow the rules. Just because we allowed something once or twice that was originally not allowed, doesn’t mean that becomes the rule. So I would like it if no one argues about it being the rules (T/N: not his rule, but the rule that it’s okay to take photos) or saying offensive words like calling our company inexperienced and incompetent. 

While we’re on the topic of restraining this, I heard that there was some trouble with the cafe’s staff and I plan to take intensive action. And there are people talking about the privileges for staff… What I don’t understand about this music video filming problem is… I was there the whole time and I didn’t see any of the staff. But would they have been hiding somewhere? And I heard that a fan manager distributed an Inkigayo ticket to her friend first, but she says she never did that.. Because I wasn’t keeping watch there, I have to believe her words… 

However, if things like this keep happening, it’s definitely something I need to reprimand for. And I want to firmly say that there is no privilege for staffs. But think about one thing.. Staff members are doing this job without pay and they think of it as volunteer work, so please understand small mistakes. And to staff members who made a large mistake, I would have to fix it.. But I think it will become better if I talk with reason and scold them. Also, let me say something about communication.. This Twitter is my personal Twitter and since I’m a CEO of a company, there are probably many people who think I’m speaking on behalf of them as a CEO of a company. But this is because there are incidents that we cannot speak a lot about. 

The fansigning isn’t hosted by Woollim, it’s by that record shop so there are many things I cannot respond to. Also, the performances in Japan are hosted by the Japanese performance company so problems could arise if I hastily say something. It’s not because I don’t want to answer.

There are also people who endlessly ask questions about things that could come up if you search it on Naver. And about the members’ feet sizes and clothing sizes.. I don’t know either ㅠㅠ I recently posted something about manners on Twitter. I became really shocked then, thinking that it wasn’t being understood at all.. Someone brought up a rumor so I responded that it wasn’t true but they told me I was lying and to not lie. I wouldn’t be lying at that situation and say you didn’t believe me, you could just judge yourself after listening to what I have to say. To tell a person who’s older than you and wants to listen to what you have to say, to not lie, only seemed like you wanted to enforce that the rumor is true and not understand it clearly. I decided to post this because of how frustrated I was. Anyways, seems like I wrote too much.

There will definitely be people who will agree and won’t agree to what I’m saying. This is my own opinion and my personal excuse. Starting from awhile ago, I put an effort to cherish fans and I still do. If we showed any inexperienced points so far, I ask that you forgive us and understand it. 

We’ll have to promote very hard again starting from tomorrow. I thought about this for the whole day because I’m a timid blood type A, and didn’t get any work finished. We’ll do our best and keep running forwards.

Ah, truthfully I don’t want to do a fansigning with this kind of mood. But seems like I can’t do anything about it because of the Japan showcase schedule that was planned a month ago.. I’m saying this one more time, but photos and fancams are not allowed by rules. So I’m thinking about various things right now. For instance, there’s a method of having a separate photo time. Since I’m thinking of various things right now, I hope there won’t be any comments that I’m ignoring the fans.

Also, I want to communicate in a friendly manner with fans through Tweets.. Please let that happen.. Please don’t make us feel hurt with rumors or other things that haven’t been confirmed. Let’s… live happily…


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥
CEO's twitter: @starmakerljy
(Mods, sorry i couldn't link to his original tweets cause they're all gone now, but this is important to read for Infinite's fans and alike, so please (>.<).

I might be slow but somebody please explain what the heck is going on here (O_O)
I think it's more than just about  illegal pics taking and fancams.
Read the whole tweet first before you make an assumption pls.

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