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Perfect Man Makes Perfect Movie Even More Perfect


Niiice. What a surprising turn for upcoming heist movie Thieves to round out its cast with some young blood. I was already in, but now I’m chomping at the bit for this motley crew to get their thievin’ on. Kim Soo-hyun, fresh off his star-making turn as country-bumpkin-turned-popstar Song Sam-dong on Dream High, has joined the cast of what’s shaping up to be my new favorite movie, if all goes according to plan.

It’s a huge step up for the young but oh-so-talented Kim Soo-hyun, as he joins the ranks with A-listers Lee Jung-jae and Jeon Ji-hyun, who are headlining the “Korean Ocean’s Eleven.” Though his relative role might not be as substantial, I have no doubt he’ll be stealing scenes left and right.

A team of five thieves from Korea will join up with four thieves based in Macau, to steal “The Sun’s Tear” diamond out of a Macau casino. Lee Jung-jae plays Popeye (love it!), the boss of the Korean team, and a specialist in wiring. I’m thinking that means explosives, yeah? Kim Soo-hyun will be playing Zampano, his protege, and the youngest on his team. Aw, I smell bromance, ahoy! Seriously, if it’s anything close to the Clooney-Damon protege-bromance of Ocean’s Eleven, I will DIE.

Jeon Ji-hyun plays Anycall, a tightrope specialist. Probably another way to describe the ‘grease man,’ meaning she can get into and out of…anywhere. She’s apparently also got quite the sailor’s tongue, along with a penchant for stealing sparkly things. Kim Hye-soo (Home Sweet Home, Tazza) plays Pepsi, a legendary safecracker, who’s never once touched a safe she couldn’t crack. How much do I love that there are some badass sexy women on this team?

Kim Yoon-seok (The Chaser, Jeon Woo-chi) plays Macau Park, who specializes in blueprints; he’ll be bringing all the thieves together for the big heist. Oh Dal-soo (The Fixer, Bang-ja Chronicle, bottom right) and Kim Hae-sook (Life Is Beautiful, Thirst, bottom left) will round out the cast, though their call signs/criminal identities have yet to be announced. I love the idea of seeing Kim Hae-sook, who has played everybody’s loving caring mom, become a cold calculating thief. Can she please live a double life, like she bakes muffins at home for her family, and then when she goes to work, she’s got tattoos and a double-barrel shotgun?

Thieves will be helmed by director Choi Dong-hoon (Tazza, The Big Swindle, and Jeon Woo Chi), and begins filming in May.

www.dramabeans.com/2011/03/kim-soo-hyun-joins-thieves/ via news.naver.com/main/hotissue/read.nhn

YES BRUVV!! The only way this film could excite me any more is if they suddenly announced Yoo Ah In's participation. Sorry for the MASSIVE photo the first time round, Mods. 
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