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Teaser of Huh Gong's Debut MV Featuring Wang Fei Fei and a Hot Dude Who Will Make You Drool

Huh Gak
’s twin brother, Huh Gong, is receiving a lot of A-list help for his upcoming debut!

miss A’s Fei and ‘Singing Fighter’ MMA star Suh Doo Won are featured in his teaser for his debut song, ‘You Are the Only One That I Love‘.

In the 20-second video, Fei and Suh Doo Won appear to have a fun time on their date, and fans are intrigued to see their ‘relationship’ unfold in the full MV. But they were warned that the MV may not be as bright as it seems, as a representative from Huh Gong’s agency revealed, “In the full-length music video, there is a surprising twist“.

Rappers Hooni Hoon, Rhymer, and Sunny Side Chang also participated in the Huh Gong’s debut album, “New Story Part 1“, which is scheduled to be released as a digital single on March 24th.


Source: Nate
Credit: AKP
Video Credit: n3ssachanWG
Tags: debut, miss a, nugu

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