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Chyeahh it's a ZE:A mega post!

"Here I Am" Dance Ver. MV

Source: ZEA2011

"Here I Am" BTS

Source: zeastw2011

-'Surgery-dol' Kwanghee,"I prefer variety than music" confession-

ZE:A Kwanghee chooses variety over music.
During the recent interview with men's magazine MAXIM for April issue, Kwanghee said:

"If I were to choose between music and variety, I'd choose variety, because I prefer talking in shows."

When asked about getting more parts in the songs, he said "I stand in the center two times out of four times during the chorus.My group members and company are being considerate and with everyone's love, they let me be in the center."

On the other hand ZE:A first full album, LOVABILITY is on sale and ZE:A is in the middle of promotion.

Sources:My Daily+EmpireChildren
Translation: akucun@EmpireChildren

ZE:A's Allkpop greeting. Kevin Speaking English, bursting ovaries.

Source: Allkpop
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