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New cafe opens with Miss A’s Suzy as the theme

Miss A’s Suzy parents recently opened a new coffee shop / cafe.

On March 22nd on an online celebrity board, photos of a cafe was posted with the description, ‘Suzy’s newly renovated cafe. The place is covered with Suzy.’

It was revealed that Suzy’s parents had opened the cafe on the 13th. The place’s interior caters to Suzy fans with items related to the star. The cafe is named ‘Soo’ which is taken from the first syllable of Suzy. The cafe displays Miss A’s autographs, albums along with Suzy’s childhood pictures.

Netizens are stating, “a new Heaven in Kwang Joo,” ”a Suzy museum,” and “Suzy fans must visit.” Suzy’s parents had recently switched their business over to a cafe from a small restaurant.

Suzy’s parents’ new Caffe Soo:

how it used to look like:

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