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Goo Hara donates 100 million won to Japan

 Gu Ha-ra of the girl band Kara, which has a huge fan base in Japan, has donated W100 million to Japanese earthquake victims (US$1=W1,122). The decision comes on top of the band's decision to donate the entire profits from their new single to disaster relief.

"When the earthquake happened, we were filming the final part of our TV drama in Japan," she said. "Suddenly the ground shook and people started screaming. When we got back to our hotel room, the walls had cracked. We were so scared we couldn't sleep."

"But the people of Japan must be more scared and suffering far more than we did. It breaks my heart to think about the pain of the Japanese people, who showed us so much love."

Gu donated the money to the Community Chest of Korea for Japanese earthquake relief.

Right after the earthquake, Kara announced that the proceeds from their upcoming album "Jet Coaster Love" set for release on March 23 will go to helping victims. But Gu decided to donate her own money as the release of the album was delayed due to the earthquake. "I decided to make the donation out of a sense of urgency," Gu said. "I would rush to the shelter myself to help out if I could."

Gu said she plans to visit Japan and volunteer for relief work. In February, Kara were on the verge of breaking up when three members quit their agency. "I want to keep meeting my fans as a member of Kara. I would like to perform happy songs for my Japanese fans soon after overcoming this difficult period," Gu said

source: chosun ilbo
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