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Two Princes for Esquire Korea

TVXQ has stepped into their royal personas for the April edition of ‘Esquire‘ magazine.

The photoshoot was conducted in one of Seoul’s hotel suites, and the boys became the two sons of a ‘royal family’. They tried capturing the conflicts and feelings that are experienced in rich, upper-class families. Famed photographer Jo Sun Hee led the shoot, and made it seem like a scene from a movie.

Yunho turned into the model son, who lives his life in an exemplary fashion. He showcased his dandy look by wearing a subdued, yet perfectly-fitting suit. Meanwhile, Changmin transformed into the younger son, who’s also flirty and witty; he wore colorful suits and posed accordingly to his outfits.

For the photoshoot, products from top fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Tom Ford were employed. TVXQ modeled many different suits with perfect poses, and thus exemplified the luxurious lifestyle of a royal family.

source: dc inside + nate + akp
Tags: dong bang shin ki, magazine, photoshoot

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