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Netizens rave over Park Myung Soo’s unexpectedly warm heart.

Viewers are probably familiar with the no-nonsense attitude of gagman Park Myung Soo. He’s notorious for his blunt remarks and telling it like it is on many of the variety programs he stars in.

Behind that sharp exterior, however, lies a thoughtful and courteous man who doesn’t often get brought out on TV programs. Recently, netizens have been circulating a list of famous quotes made by the gagman on his MBC radio program, “Date at Two,” and have been expressing their awe and newfound respect over the witty and honest advice he’s given out for his listeners.

Check out the compilation below:

- “If you don’t study now, you’ll end up working where it’s cold when it’s cold, and working where it’s hot when it’s hot. I regret the fact that I didn’t study when I was a student.”

- “Starting is not half the battle. The start is merely the start. When you begin thinking it’s too late, it’s already too late, so start immediately.”

- “To all of those looking for jobs, I know that the weather’s especially hot and frustration levels are skyrocketing. But it’s all a part of living life, so I hope that all of you find the strength to hold it in. Buy some ice cream on your way, it’s hot…”

- A listener calls in and expresses her disappointment in her husband losing his promotion, to which he replies, “Yes, I can understand your disappointment. But just know that in this economy, even those that slowly work their way up to a promotion are at risk of crumbling. Unless you’re way up there, anyone will naturally feel nervous even with promotions. I hope that your husband finds it in him to work hard, because an opportunity is sure to come.”

- “The economy is so bad lately, so many are upset. Prices keep rising, but salaries are staying the same. It’s hard out there, but let’s all try to console ourselves with the positions we’re in, because at least with this, we’re able to eat. I hope the economy picks up soon.”

- “It’d be nice if the government invested in things like green growth and other sparks of genius ideas. There are so many talented people with potential in this nation, don’t you think? I hope that the government funds and invests in such areas so that we can see the growth and emergence of more inspiring people. Aren’t human beings considered hope?”

- “Life isn’t worth one shot. So many of the youth seem to think that life is just one shot, but those that think like that fail the hardest. It’s all about building and working your way up through effort in order to achieve something bigger. Day by day, just do your best.”

Netizens commented, “He seems like such a cold and blunt person, but what he says are so true,” “He’s none other than Park Myung Soo, of course,” and “I like that he’s realistic and doesn’t present himself to be someone he isn’t, both in front of the camera and off.”

AKP, Sports Chosun via Naver, X Sports News
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