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T-ara chosen to be basketball game characters for JCE’s “Freestyle”

On March 16th, representative Song In Soo of JCE (a South Korean online game developer) introduced popular girl group T-ara as available characters in their basketball game, “Freestyle.” He also revealed that JCE will carry out a commemoration for the event.

Following in the footsteps of Wonder Girls (2008), KARA (2009), and f(x) (2010), T-ara is the fourth group to be added to this list. With their highly addicting and diverse discography, it is no wonder that T-ara is receiving much love as one of the top Korean girl groups from many subscribers.

The in-game characters of “Freestyle” that are being introduced first are none other than Jiyeon and Hyomin, who have been engaged in activities on dramas and various variety programs. Also, Hwayoung, who was brought in last year as a new member, is also a character. Eunjung, Soyeon, Qri, and Boram's characters will be revealed later.  The game is grabbing much attention because of the accuracy of the characters’ facial expressions and dance moves to the actual stars.

As a commemoration to the ‘T-ara update’, JCE will give all active users of “Freestyle” 5,000 cache as a present until March 30th. Also, until the 25th, anyone who purchases a ‘T-ara’ character will be given a ‘FS Ball’, which can increase benefits from 3,000 cache to a maximum of 30,000 cache.

JCE’s business director, Jang Ji Woong, stated, “From die-hard fans to new users, we have planned a ‘Freestyle Big Show’ to satisfy the various customers of ‘Freestyle’. In continuation with the T-ara update, please look forward to the soon-to-come third update as well.

Sources: allkpop, ZDNet, GameFocus1
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