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Hyesung's 4th Album Postponed Until June

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Shin Hyesung will be releasing his 4th album in June.

Shin Hyesung has not released a regular album since his 2009 3rd Side 2 'Keep Leaves,' making it a comeback of after 2 years of hiatus. It has been known that he is working on the album with utmost affection.

Shin Hyesung progressed with recordings planning to release his album near the end of February, but due to problems with his vocal cords, stopped recording, and is currently resting. Because of this the schedule for the album's release was postponed to June.

Shin Hyesung plans to resume recording as soon as his health returns, and has also decided to re-record the songs already recorded for the album's perfection.

Shin Hyesung also plans to hold tour concerts along with the release of his album. The 4th album will be released in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China in licensed form in July, so it seems that it will be a time when he will be able to meet his domestic and foreign fans through his concerts.

His company stated that "we are sorry to those fans who have waited for so long" and that "we have decided to momentarily stop recording because we judged that the artist's health is the most important. We will work hard to continue making the best album in top condition as soon as Shin Hyesung's health is restored."

On the other hand Shin Hyesung lent a hand to restoration efforts for the Japan earthquake, donating 30 million won on the 22nd to the Korea National Red Cross.

Source: Newsen and Orisic@Shinhwa.biz

His health is definitely the most important thing. But NGL these postponements are scaring me. This is the third one. I feel like we'll never get this album.

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