The End of the Kingdom of Ends (notyourgeisha) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
The End of the Kingdom of Ends

Have some heartwarming Rogaine: Kara prays for Nippon, JCL new release date 4/6

Kara Prays for Japan

^the only phone I recognize, but it's either Hara's or Gyuri's

Jet Coaster Love set for 4/6 release

Kara's 3rd single, Jet Coaster Love, was supposed to be released 3/23. However, due to the earthquake, all UMJ releases had been postponed. It was recently announced that the new release date of Jet Coaster Love will be April 6th, where all the profit made will be donated toward relief efforts. Saint Goo Hara-sama also recently made a personal donation of 100 million won (~$90,000) toward relief efforts.

Sources: AKP2, Nate, Kara Offical Japan Fansite
Edited in SY's pic
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