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4everKARA: Kara + Kamilia celebrate 4 heartfelt years

KARA 4th ANNIVERSARY CF (Myungdong - LOTTE, run for 6 days):

4th ANNIVERSARY KARA 2011.03.29
Happy 4th Debut Anniversary 2007.03.29
Let run to the top of Asia without barriers
Park Gyuri

Han Seungyeon
Jung Nicole

Goo Hara

Kang Jiyoung

I hope KARA with 5 members can be together with fan forever!

KARA [5 = 1]

Happy 4th debut anniversary (with all our hearts)
4th ANNIVERSARY KARA 2011.03.29

Despite KARA’s current legal troubles with DSP Media, fans have been working hard to celebrate the girls’ upcoming 4th anniversary by putting up advertisements around Seoul.

KARA made their debut on March 29th, 2007 with their first album, “Blooming“. Though the official anniversary date is still a few days away, fans decided to post encouragements upon ad spots in many of Seoul’s major department stores.

The messages read, ”KARA always as 5, forever“, “Congratulations on the 4th anniversary since your debut“, and plenty more, which revealed the fans’ wish for the dispute to be resolved in a timely manner.

Sources: PGR880521, Chupachups @ KH.com, AKP, Star News

4 years later KARA still does not have individual post tags. nevertheless, let us celebrate this glorious and joyous occasion, kara stans.
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