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Goddess on the outside, Buddha on the inside

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Former trainee of SM Entertainment who entered Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Jang Hajin mentioned about YoonA in her autobiography.

While in the 3rd year of middle school, Jang Hajin was preparing to debut as a member of SNSD. In a broadcast aired on May 13th last year, when she was asked “Why did you quit the life as a trainee?”, Hajin answered, “I really wanted to study”.

Recently, Jang Hajin published her autobiography entitled ‘소원을 말해 봐 (Tell Me Your Wish)’ and in the autobiography, she talked about her special relationship with YoonA. She described her first impression about YoonA in her book, “When I met sister (unnie) for the first time, I thought she was really pretty. She seemed to look like a Barbie doll. Although she was darker back then, she looked prettier as she gave me an exotic feel to my eyes”.

Also, in her autobiography, she wrote, “I was wondering if she’s a Buddha because she was really kind and easy-going by nature and she never gossiped or spoken ill about others. Within the 3-year training period, I have never seen my sister in an argument or got angry with others. She was the ‘mood maker’ as she did funny acts like immitating gagmen/comedians as well as cheering her juniors on. She did everything the trainers told her to do and her outstanding talent shone.”, praising YoonA’s kind heartedness and amazing personality.

Netizens who saw Jang Hajin’s testimony of YoonA commented, “YoonA has goddess-like look and Buddha-like characters”, “I can’t wait to read this book”, etc.


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