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Seven months later, Dalmatian no longer "nugu" status

Six-member male group Dalmatian (Inati 30 • Day Day 28 • Dari 27 • Jeesu 21 • Daniel 20 • Youngwon 21) has been gaining popularity as of lately. Last year on September, they made their debut with the digital single ‘Round One’ but didn’t gain the attention they deserved as the skilled group they are. However, after 7 months passed, they are the artists to look out for in reaching the top of the music industry. Dalmatian, who is promoting “The Man Opposed” after releasing their 1st mini album and have ranked within the first half of various music charts. Their member Daniel said, “Now if we walk on the streets, there are people who recognize us. We still have various images we want to show. Please anticipate us even more.”

-The responses to the title song are hot

“When we coincidentally hear our song while walking down a street, we think ‘Ah…we’re being loved.’ Every time that happens, we’re determined to work even harder.” (Inati)

“Not too long ago, the ahjumma (older lady) at a restaurant nearby our dorm knew our song ‘The Man Opposed.’ She even gave us more rice and side dishes. It’s fascinating to think that people know our song.” (Jeesu)

“Lately, there’s a saying we say amongst the members. ‘There is no tomorrow. Today is the greatest moment of my life.’ Since this album could be our last, we promote hard with that motivation.” (Dari)

Who's been practicing their sig? Inati slugging DanielCollapse )

Source: Ilgan Sports
Translation: BOSS! @ Dalmination
Youtube clips: 1, 2

Ahjummas should be charmed by Day Day's English. FIVE THOUSAND NINE FIFTY HOT PEPPER SAWCE.
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