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please send your birthday wishes to the baddest bunny seoul city ever had!

 From the bomtaro herself: 

original msg:  우리 넷~~ 똑같은 커플링 했어요~~ ^^ 지금 생일파티 중인데요~~ 리다가 우리 영원하자며~~*^^* 부끄부끄~~ Forever 가 새겨진 반지를 선물했어요~~o(^▽^)o 너무갖고싶었눈데..ㅎㅎㅎ 맨위에있는손 푸둥푸둥하죠 ㅋㅋㅋ

translations: The four of us~~ Got the same couple ring~~ ^^ Right now we're in the middle of my birthday party~~ Our leader said, let's be together forever~~ *^^* Blush blush~~ And she gave us these couple rings with Forever engraved on them as presents~~o(^▽^)o I really wanted it.. he he he The hand at the top is chubby isn't it ke ke ke

source: bomtaro's m2d
translations by: gee@ygl

from her best bunny chingu ssantokki:
1 .

original message: 와쌉?!?오늘은 우리의 메인보컬 박봄양의 생일이에요!생일축하해용~!^.^무대에선 감동적인 목소리로 우리를 울리고ㅠ평소엔 귀여운 엉뚱함으로 우리를 웃게하는ㅋㅋ 배미양의 엉뚱한일화를 하나 공개할까합니다ㅋ생일기념퀴즈!! 이사진은 봄이의 어떤부위일까요??어떤상황일까요?ㅋ두둥!

translations: Whassup?!? Today is our main vocal miss Park Bom's birthday! Happy birthday~!^.^ Making us cry with her soulful voice on stageㅠ Normally making us laugh with her craziness ke ke I'm thinking about revealing one crazy story about Miss Baemi ke A birthday quiz!! What part of Bom is this?? In what situation? Ke doo doong! (p.s. the answer is her knee, but i'm lazy to put the m2d ans here lol)


original message: 글쎄 엉뚱한봄이가 답답하다며 냉장고에…..어…얼굴을….ㅠㅜㅋㅋㅋ넣고 식히는중이라고하네요ㅋㅋ오마이갓!!! 배미언니는 역쉬 못말려어~! 어린이 여러분! 절대로! 따라하면 안됩니다!!!ㅋㅋㅋ앞으로도 항상 우리에게 웃음을주는 봄이가되길!^^ 생일축하해!!!ㅋ

translations: This was when crazy Bom said it was too stuffy and headed to the fridge and placed her.....fa...face....ㅠㅜke ke ke inside to cool down ke ke oh my god!!! As expected you can never stop Baemi unni~! Kids! Never! Follow her footsteps!!! Ke ke ke I hope that Bom will be able to give us laughs in the future forever!^^ Happy birthday!!! Ke

source: dara's m2d
both translations by gee@ygl: 1,

from baby m-i-n-key

original message: 약 5년전 싸부님 캘린더에 봄이언니가 자기생일이라고 메모해 둠 ㅋㅋ

translations: About 5 years ago, Bom-unni left a memo of her own birthday on Ssabu-nim's calendar ke ke

source: mingkki21
translations: gee@ygl

original message: 봄이언니 생일인데 내가 더신났다..ㅋㅋ 누구 생일인지 나 원참..

rough translation: (Today is) Bommie Unnie's birthday. what should i wear? -heart- happy birthday. I'm more excited than Bommie nnie keke. it starts in 30 minutes! what should i wear?
source: mingkki21
translations by: kepalajamuran @ygl


original message: Hello~ my friends^^ Don’t forget “Hwangssabu Rules”~

source: hwangssabu twitter

To the goddess of hairswishes, eyeliner and disproportionately long legs,  @harooluvstar, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

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