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The same former SM trainee also shares a nice story about Jessica.

When I sing, there is a memory I remember.

It was a night of day that it's been at least a year since I became a trainee. As I was practicing, my cellphone rang. When I checked, it was a call from sunbae unnie.

"I'm in a practice room right now in basement. Can you come?

Huh? What is this? Did I do something wrong? I was surprised by her sudden call, and was a bit scared.

When I went to the basement practice room, sunbae unnie was waiting alone.

"You came? What were you doing?"

"I was practicing upstairs."

"Really? Then can you sing a song for me?"

Why is she suddenly telling me to sing? I'm embarrassed to sing in front of someone who can sing so well like sunbae unnie because I lack a lot. Is she trying to pick on my singing skill and scold me?

It felt odd, but it was ordered by sunbae, and couldn't refuse to so. So I started singing the song I practiced then, called "Start" by Park Kiyoung. To be honest, I was shy and embarrassed when I sang.

'Is she trying to tease me?'

I thought of this a little.

Was the song this long? Until the song finished, sunbae unnie didn't move one bit and heard me sing attentively.

Finally, the song that felt as long as time climbing up Mount Everest, ended. Now, I was staring at sunbae unnie thinking what I should do.

"Hmm, you got a lot better. But I still don't think there is enough strength in stomach. Should I saw the sound is coming out only from the throat? I think it would be better to train using stomach more.
To have better stomach strength, you need to do a lot of exercise for abs. You can do it, right?

"Ah, she called me to give me singing lesson!"

At that moment, I was really moved!

To be honest, this was first time, that I got personal advice from sunbae trainee.

The relationship between trainees is awkward in any way. No matter he or she is sunbae, and older, they don't say much to other trainees about singing and dancing. They might be worried that others think he or she is showing off.

She did not know that fact. I was thankful because she was probably worried about that until she called me.

"Here, listen. This part, you have to sing this way."

Unnie was singing the song herself and went through the song line by line.

I still can not forget that til this day. That was the warmest and most sincere advice I've ever gotten during the time I was a trainee.

To finish off, I'd like to say hello to these ladies who I spent the most shining three years of my teenage life with.

Jessica unnie, she was the one I had longest training days as a trainee with. At first, she didn't talk much and most chic. So it was hard to approach her. I remember the time I couldn't talk to her even if I wanted to because of her cold image. So it took some time for us to become friends. But after we became friends, I found out she really care about me. I don't forget the days she corrected my singing and taught me by singing herself. She didn't talk much. But do you know that when she opens her mouth, she gets right to the point and her words seem influential? Unnie to me, to describe in one word, was like onion. More I got to know her, I saw more varieties of charm in her.

Yoona article here.
Translated by 오이사랑싴@soshified.com
Source: Sosiz, but originally from Yoona Gallery
Tags: girls generation, jessica

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