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CEOs from SM, JYP, CUBE, and others meet to discuss trainee reform

In an effort to move forward, CEOs from various agencies came together to discuss a recent report put out by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism that painted them in a somewhat negative light.

The report dealt primarily with the trainees, with each agency averaging roughly a hundred of them, and the fact that most were either in their teens or even younger. Despite their young age, they regularly had days beginning at 7 AM and ending at 11 PM, over a time period of 2 years, with their contract averaging out to be 4 years. The trainees also reported that although they did not feel regulations were harsh, some had to undergo strict diets, and that excessive absences in school regularly occurred due to training/promotions.

The conference included the CEOs of several top companies, including SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and more. We will post more details as they become available.

Do you think reform is necessary when it comes to trainees?

Source: Koreaboo, eDaily, Starnews

Couldn't find a pic of JYP's CEO, so I used JY Park...
Tags: cube entertainment, jyp entertainment, sm entertainment, yg entertainment

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