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seongyeol gets saucy, bares shoulder and tweets about a thong

Seongyeol1991: This week as well! Going to yell out Nothong’s Over~~~right~~~? Aing~~~

Sungyeol, from the group Infinite, revealed a side of him that’s full of his aegyo.

Sungyeol garnered attention for recently posting “How’s my coquettish clementine picture?” on his Twitter along with a picture of him eating a clementine.

On these pictures, Sungyeol is eating the clementine with a cute expression, a sexy expression, and an alluring expression. Differentiating from the chic and charismatic side he recently shows us on stage, his innocent side was shown, giving him the nickname of Elementary Schooler Sungyeol.

Netizens who saw the picture gave various reactions like, “I think I’ll melt in Sungyeol’s coquettish acts”, “What are you going to do about your sexy shoulder line?”, “A sensible picture with a sensible comment, definitely the elementary schooler”.

Meanwhile, Infinite is receiving much popularity by rising on music charts with their title song ‘Nothing’s Over’, which has a charm of an emotional yet unique sound.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
sauces: infiniteupdates 1, 2, seongyeol1991
can't decide between nothing sober and nothong's over as my favorite title
Tags: infinite

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