10:02 am - 03/25/2011

110325 Music Bank

HoMin - Before U Go

K.Will - My Heart Beating

CN Blue - Intuition

CN Blue - I Don't Know Why

CN Blue - Love Girl

Song Jieun - Going Crazy

Wheesung - Heartsore Story

Infinite - Nothing's Over

G.NA - Already Miss You & Black and White

ZE:A - Here I Am

ZE:A, Dalmatian, Infinite - Special Stage #1

Wheesung, K.Will, Lee Hyun - Special Stage #2

Kim Hyung Jun - Oh! Ah!

Chi Chi - Don't Play Around

M4 - My Love

Kan Mi Yeon - Paparazzi

Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle

Kim Bo Kyung - Like Spring

Dalmatian - The Man Opposed

Navi - Well Done

Coin Jackson - Feedback

Lee Jung - Why Is the Love

ZE:A, Dalmatian, Infinite Backstage

HoMin & K.Will Backstage

CN Blue Backstage

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thier_sess 25th-Mar-2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
I'd say that I swear that Homin are getting better and better with each single performance but it doesn't need swearing, that's just the fact. That said - performances of this song probably won't belong to my favourites but damn, the progress is amazing. What will we see in two or three weeks if they improved so much in a week?

And I was finally satisfied with both of their outfits - well, Yunho's pants could be more like Changmin's (I'm not fond of those wide legs) but they were still very nice.

And the dancing got much, much better and aesthetically pleasant as well - they somehow managed to make this crotch-grabbing move from the dance-break from hilarious and mch exaggerated to almost classy. (As classy as such a move can be XD) The same goes for the I'm-so-hot-that-I-have-to-toch-myself moves during "I was the man that loved only you". (And I still find it ironic - what a love it must've been, lol)

The dancer responsible for molesting Yunho still stays priceless and very WTF-ish. I almost died when he kneeled before Yunho and he helped him up. What a prince, lol.

I'm really happy that they won. <3 Yunho and K.Will's interaction was so adorable and I loved that Homin whisper. What microphone, Changmin doesn't need it - not when he can just lean over and kill thousands of fangirls with whispering right to Yunho's ear~ (Also, ICWUDT, Yunho - those must've been some good insoles you've got today as you seemed almost taller than Changmin.)

Also, Dalmatian babes were adorable today. <3 I loved the outfits - they weren't so over the top as what they usually wear during The Man Opposed. And damn, Inati looked so good~
They sure made up for their rather rather normal clothes with their outifts from the dance stage. Those pink pink pink tracksuits sure reminded me of one of Yunho's outfit from Balloons. But I'm sure no one that saw the performance will be able to erase their image from their minds for a long time and I guess that's what counts. XD
The dance itself wasn't that bad, I was expecting a big fail and thankfully it didn't happen.
And they were cute in the backstage too. <3

Wheesung has my heart again with his song. <3 The perf was flawless, he sounded mind-blowingly awesome and looked good too. Juhyung was great as well (and he looked dashing in that white suit). Heartsore is forever my jam.
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