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Sungyeol's debuting as an actor, he's no longer just Infinite's backdancer now

Infinite’s Sungyeol will have his debut as an actor through SBS’ new TV daily drama.

An entertainment representative recently revealed to TV Report that, “Infinite’s Sungyeol has been casted as a supporting role on SBS’ daily drama, “While You Were Sleeping”, which will be aired in May.” “While You Were Sleeping” will be the follow up for “Pure Pumpkin Flower” and Oh Yoona, So Youjin, Lee Changhoon were casted along with others.


The role that Sungyeol received is a ‘mother’s friend’s son’ who looks handsome, his house is wealthy, and is first place in his school. He participated in the first script reading on the 25th and recordings will start next month on the 1st. Sungyeol, who built up experience before debuting as he took up minor roles, will now have his official debut as an actor.

Once asked about the drama casting when Sungyeol met with a reporter on the 25th, he replied, “After passing through the auditions, I recently became confirmed for the casting,” and, “I have done many minor roles so far such as a thief or delinquent. I felt really good to receive a role that has importance.”

Sungyeol, who has also been known as actress Yoon Yoosun’s nephew, built up experience by receiving acting classes when he was younger and although his roles were minor, he watched his senior actors on set. He promised, “As much as this is a good chance, I will intensively prepare and try my best to become help to the drama.”

Meanwhile, Infinite released their mini album, ‘Evolution’, in the beginning of the year and received a lot of love for the title song, ‘BTD’, where they transformed from boys to fierce, charismatic males. Following this, they released their cheerful new song, ‘Nothing’s Over’, and is gaining popularity from it.

Sungyeol’s debut piece, “While You Were Sleeping”, will be a story of Oh Shinyoung (So Youjin) becoming vegetative person after having an accident with child birth and being under the influence of her husband’s first love, the director of the hospital’s gynecology ward. After regaining her sense, she will plot revenge and cause the two families to become tied up with each other.


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥

source cr; tv report

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