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Park Jungmin making a comeback in April

SS501's Park Jungmin was the first member of SS501 to debut solo after the idol group left DSP Media last year. And after having ended promotion for his first solo single "Not Alone," Jungmin revealed he'll be coming back in April with an album called "Sweet Chic."

Even though he's been throughout Asia to promote his first single, he took some time off to write new songs for the fans who have supported him with his solo debut.

Today, several pictures from his album jacket photo shoot were released. Fans and netizens can see photographer Han Donghwan taking Park Jungmin's picture and tries to capture the singer's charm.

An agency official from Park Jungmin's agency said, "In this album, Sweet Chic, fans will be able to experience Park Jungmin's charm."

His album is set to be released in April. Are you looking forward for his comeback?

Source: Koreaboo, Osen

Hoping it'll be a full album (though it'll probably be another EP ugh), and for it to be pushed back for May, so he can actually have a bigger chance to win something :( "Not Alone" should have won something!
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