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Infinite’s Highlights of Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio

- They start to sing about the prizes you get from SSTP using Homme’s “I Was Able to Eat Well”

- Shindong: “Now that Infinite’s come back with Nothing’s Over, the music industry is now game over (they’ll take over everything)”

- Introducing themselves: Dongwoo is now Mushroom Eyes and not Wild Eyes, because of his mushroom-shaped hair; Sungyeol is always in charge of the height; Hoya is now Tinky Winky (Boradori in Korean) from the Teletubbies; Sungjong is the nonmagnae-like magnae; Sunggyu is the head chief/leader in Infinite; L is the presence in Infinite (someone who is highly important); Woohyun is the uncle in Infinite (there’s a thing where the uncle of the household always makes trouble)

- Shindong asks Infinite if they’ve heard Hyungjoon’s song and they all reply that they have and they always watch his stages too.

- Dongwoo compliments a dance part that he really likes in Hyungjoon’s song; Hyungjoon gets happy and goes “Yo man!” then high-fives Dongwoo. Then Hyungjoon calls him his dongsaeng

- Then Shindong asks Sungjong how it was and he says it was really perfect. “When I saw his stage, I was thinking that I want to do something like that too.” Hearing this, Hyungjoon says Sungjong is his 2nd dongsaeng and adds on the “man~”

- Gyuri asks Infinite what Nothing’s Over means and L replies: “It means that it isn’t the end yet. So even if she leaves you, it’s not the end.” Shindong listens to his tone and replies, “L-sshi… Don’t you think it sounds like you’re reading from a book?” L picks up the script and points out that it’s written down on it.

- Shindong asks who spread the dance practice clip and they reply that they don’t know. Woohyun: “We really didn’t know. We were at the dorms and it was spread.” Sunggyu: “That video was something you send to broadcasting stations.” Then they raise their hand to show what they mean (they raise their hands up so that the cameramen can view it and capture their faces later when it’s their part). Sunggyu talks more about how he doesn’t know how it got uploaded and Gyuri says it’s probably the company.

- Shindong questions that there might be a fan of Infinite that works in the broadcasting station and Dongwoo says: “I suddenly feel happy now” (LOL ;_;)

- Hoya: “There’s a point in our dance called the whining dance. But we do it with an angle.” Shindong asks what that means and Hoya’s about to explain how it’s normally done in a soft manner, but then Shindong stops him and says to save it for the live later.

- The staff picked out two songs from Hyungjoon’s and Infinite’s albums to talk about and Gyuri says it was easy for Infinite’s because there were only 2 songs besides the title song.

- Talking about their songs:

1. Shot- Sunggyu explains that it’s a dance song where you can feel the fierceness and masculinty from BTD in it. Shindong: “What does ‘shot’ mean in here?” Sunggyu: “It’s aiming-” Shindong: “At a girl’s heart?” Sunggyu: “Yes, like shooting it.”

2. Can U Smile (Remake) - Woohyun: “This song received a lot of good responses so we made an acoustic version of it.” Shindong: “Whose idea was this?” Woohyun: “Uh… Our Lee Joongyeop CEO.”

- The DJs ask if Hyungjoon liked it and he mentions that he’s friends with Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo (the people who made Nothing’s Over, Can U Smile, and BTD) and says Gyuri knows them too. Hyungjoon: “The song is really good and it gives off a lovable feel and-” Shindong interrupts and says, “I’m sorry, but I feel like I’m the only one that isn’t relating to this.” Hyungjoon: “I wanted that to happen.” Shindong: “Let’s talk about something I can relate to… Let’s talk about Yoo Youngjin director (made various songs for SM)”

- Now they’ll ask questions to Hyungjoon and he has to say which Infinite member fits with it and Infinite can protest to it.

1. Shindong: “When Hyungjoonie sees it, the member who will release a solo album first, will be?” And he points to Leader Gyu because he seems to show the most greed in music and has a lot of desire to do it. Shindong asks if any member wants to agree/disagree with it and Woohyun says that he’s not agreeing or disagreeing but points out that Sunggyu is the only one born in ‘89 throughout the members (calling him the oldest). Woohyun: “Because Sunggyu hyung is the leader and is the main vocal, I think he’ll release one by himself.” Everyone starts laughing because the tone Woohyun gave was a somewhat bitter one.

- Shindong: “So if Sunggyu gets out of Infinite, Woohyun will become the main vocal right?” Woohyun: “Wait. Why would he get out of it?” Shindong: “No, no, I meant for instance. Not saying that he will get out of Infinite.” Woohyun: “Ah, okay.” Shindong: “I apologize.”

- They’re about to move on, but Sunggyu interrupts. Sunggyu: “Wait, wait can I say something too? I feel like our CEO’s listening right now.” “I want to be part of Infinite until I die.” (q_____q) Shindong: “What are you talking about? You can still be part of Infinite even if you release a solo album.” “So you won’t ever release a solo album, even if you get an offer!” And Sunggyu is quickly regretting his words as he shakes his head and protests.

2. “The member that seems like he’ll go out in front of the camera on music shows even when it’s not his part to get his own shot!” Hyungjoon picks Woohyun and everyone’s nodding in agreement.

- Gyuri: “Have you ever jumped out in front?” Woohyun: “So when you say jumping out in front, you mean going out even when it’s not my part, right?” DJs: “Something like that.” Woohyun: “Then it’s something that happens often during practice.”, “We just do that during practice to have fun. Like I would sing their parts with them and such, but I couldn’t be able to do that on a real live airing.”

- Shindong: “But there’s that thing that Bang Shihyuk-sshi said on MBC’s Star Audition. Whatever you do during practice is what you will do soon enough.” They start laughing and Woohyun admits that he did it once during an event while singing a ballad song.

- Hoya: “I think this fits Sungjong more than Woohyun. We went to some club event with our magnae, but it wasn’t a club with an age restriction (so don’t worry). Sungjong has this part that only goes for a second.” Shindong: “What part is it?” Hoya: “Jogeumeun aldeutae (I might know). Just that part. But while dancing to that part, Sungjong suddenly laid down on the floor!” “And we were shocked because we thought he fell!”

- Shindong: “We shall give him time to bring up an excuse.” Sungjong: “Well, I was so caught up in the feeling because everyone’s all having a good time, so I decided to experiment it.” Woohyun: “But no one accepted it.” Sunggyu: “The funny thing is, even when he laid down, the mood was just really quiet.” Everyone thought he fell down, so there weren’t loud cheers or anything.

- Sungjong: “I was thinking that I should do it on a live broadcast, so I experimented. But the reactions weren’t good so I didn’t do it.”

3. “The member that seems like he’ll go home to the dorms and talk about the girl groups the whole time is?” Hyungjoon: “The answer is right there. The man right next to me. (Dongwoo)” Shindong: “Wait, but answer this first. We sometimes talk about girl groups too. Answer it with yes or no.”

- Infinite: “Yes.” Woohyun: “Because we’re a male group so…” Hyungjoon: “You need to (talk about girl groups)” Sunggyu: “But we don’t just talk about girl groups, we talk about male groups too!” Shindong: “We don’t care about that.”

- Then Hoya says that Dongwoo is the one who talks about them the least. Gyuri (to Dongwoo): “Which member talks about girl groups the most then?” Dongwoo: “Well, it’s pretty much the same.”, “But I do ask them about girl groups a lot. Like who is that and such.”

- Shindong asks which girl group comes out most frequently during talks from Infinite and they reply (more like scream) KARA and Secret. Shindong says that L said Secret the loudest.

4. “The member that looks as handsome as me in Infinite.” Hyungjoon: “Sungyeol man~” Because Sungyeol’s cute and Hyungjoon says he’s cute as the magnae of SS501. Hyungjoon: “Sungyeol gives off this aura of an actor and the more he develops, I think he will have a cooler image.”

-They have an octave fight and L goes against Hyungjoon. Hyungjoon wins

- They go around imitating animals: Woohyun imitates a puppy, L imitates a cheetah (“chee-chee…tah.” is the sound he makes;;), Sunggyu imitates a kitty, Sungjong imitates an elephant (which Jihye kindly said sounds like a person dying), Hoya imitates a camel, Sungyeol imitates a crow, and Dongwoo imitates a seal.

-They give their own versions of morning calls for the person who requested for it- Sungjong: “Wake up! /elephant noises”, Hoya: “Wake up, girl (he used a slang term for girl)”, Sungyeol: “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”, Dongwoo: “It’s time to wake up, it’s time to open your eyes. Come on baby~”, Woohyun: “SHE’S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK.”, L: “Wake up please, eh!”, Sunggyu: “You can’t sleep in anymore~ You can’t do that already~ (to the tune of Nothing’s Over)

Then they end with Can U Smile c:

cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits ♥

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