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K-Pop Boys 2PM Q&A

1. Let us know what your name means!

[Junsu] ”埈” stands for “high”, and “秀” means excellent, so put
together my name’s hanja means “high excellence”.
[Nichkhun] I don’t know T_T
[Taecyeon] Taecyeon means “flowing pond”. As I was born in the
year of the Dragon, my name also means “to have a mind of a dragon,
with a heart full of water which does not go stale”.
[Wooyoung] 張祐榮. It means “forever overflowing with good fortune”.
[Junho] Jun “俊” from “Jungeol” (which means person of excellent
talent and wisdom), and Ho “昊” which means “heaven”.
[Chansung] Chan “燦” - shine. Sung “盛” - achieve. It means “Making
an accomplishment by realizing your true self in the light”.

2. My boom is?
[Junsu] Composing (I like it the most^^)
[Nichkhun] Boby building
[Taecyeon] ”Dream High” (Done with the filming!)
[Wooyoung] Jason. In the middle of “Dream High” filming really
fell in love with the role.
[Junho] Composing. I want to sing my own songs!
[Chansung] Listening to old songs. Really want to hear those
masterpieces again.

3. A country you would like to visit?
[Junsu] Switzerland (I saw lots of Switzerland pictures when I
was a kid, so a dream was born to visit that country)
[Nichkhun] USA. It’s so big, there are still many placesI haven’t seen.
[Taecyeon] Saipan. (Because a friend told me “it is great”)
[Wooyoung] Maldives. I want to go to places with beautiful beaches.
[Junho] Hawaii. I’d like to swim around or play with friends in a
villa. (If I had one..!)
[Chansung] Japan’s northern island Hokkaido. I like winter, so I would
love to see drifting ice.

4. Which part of a woman draws you the most?
[Junsu] Eyes, face
[Nichkhun] Smiling face
[Taecyeon] Eyes?
[Wooyoung] Eyes ^^
[Junho] Overall atmosphere
[Chansung] Eyes!

5. If you have someone you like, are you the type to dash in first?
Or are you more withdrawn?
[Junsu] It’s different everytime
[Nichkhun] I’m the one who waits
[Taecyeon] It depends on that person
[Wooyoung] I tremble. (laughs)
[Junho] If I really like her, I go first.
[Chansung] I’m the type to choose aggressive appeal.

6. What has surprised you the most recently?
[Junsu] When a cat suddenly jumped into the alley…
[Nichkhun] I was really surprised when I uploaded photoshoot photos
on Twitter, and the clock numbers in those photos coincided with
the winning lottery numbers in Thailand!
[Taecyeon] When I heard a gagman say “sober up!” lol (on TV)
[Wooyoung] We moved to the new dorm and it’s huge…
[Junho] Nothing
[Chansung] Nothing probably lol

7. In what position do you sleep?
[Junsu] I roll around sideways
[Nichkhun] I lie down on my side and sleep fully stretched out.
[Taecyeon] I sleep lying properly.
[Wooyoung] Free style~ ^^
[Junho] Curled up like a shrimp
[Chansung] It’s different every single time, plus I sleep talk…

8. Which part do you wash first when you bathe?
[Junsu] Head
[Nichkhun] Head
[Taecyeon] Head
[Wooyoung] Starting from my upper body
[Junho] Head… The hair
[Chansung] Start from the head.

9. Any club activities in the middle school days?
[Junsu] Self-defence circle
[Nichkhun] Music club
[Taecyeon] Cross Country Team (*Cross Country Racing)
[Wooyoung] Cooking class
[Junho] Cooking class
[Chansung] I don’t remember. It wasn’t club activities, but I used
to play basketball a lot during lunch time.

10. Which subjects you were good and bad at in your high school days?
[Junsu] Good: there was a subject which taught us how to cook and knit
(like home economics). Bad: math.
[Nichkhun] Good: history. Bad: math.
[Taecyeon] I wasn’t studying too hard. Although I wouldn’t say
that I wasn’t studying at all. (T/N. The hell this guy. Taec, everyone
knows you’re a nerd -___-;;)
[Wooyoung] Good: math. Bad: English.
[Junho] Good: History. Bad: Math.
[Chansung] Good: P.E./Vernacular/Ethics. Bad: Math.

11. A food that gives you strength?
[Junsu] Watermelon
[Nichkhun] Samgyeobsal
[Taecyeon] Anything
[Wooyoung] Chicken
[Junho] All food gives strength!
[Chansung] Rice! White rice is the best!

12. I am a XXXXX freak! (freak = otaku)
[Junsu] I’m a black music freak. I have a Black Music collection
gathered and I am listening to everything from underground to
recent records.
[Nichkhun] I’m a RED freak. (T/N. loves the color)
[Taecyeon] I’m a manga freak. Towards the child’s world, go go!
[Wooyoung] I’m a football freak. I used to play football for 6
hours straight every weekend in my Middle School days. I used to
relieve stress by shooting goals.
[Junho] I’m a machinery freak. I really enjoy analyzing every single
piece of machinery.
[Chansung] I’m a sports freak. Once I succeeded in body building,
and when my form gets worse I get stressed, so I have to constantly
keep on training.

13. A person you respect?
[Junsu] Kanye West. I’d like to express his own personality as
[Nichkhun] Jinyoung-hyung. He’s very serious while at work, but
when we’re having fun, he sure knows how to relax.
[Taecyeon] My parents. For raising me up!
[Wooyoung] J.Y.Park. He always tells that we have to be the most
hard-working group in the industry, but in fact, he’s the biggest hard-worker ever.
[Junho] Michael Jackson. No need for words!
[Chansung] J.Y.Park. Whether he’s singing, acting or making music,
I always think he is controlling himself well
14. Let us know if you have bought anything interesting recently.
[Junsu] Jacket
[Nichkhun] Mobile phone strap
[Taecyeon] I changed my mobile phone!
[Wooyoung] New Era hat
[Junho] I bought an iPad in February!
[Chansung] Yakisoba (T/N - duh, food -__-)

15. The latest worry?
[Junsu] I want to maintain my physical fitness T__T
[Nichkhun] I want to be active in Japan!
[Taecyeon] How should I upgrade my acting?
[Wooyoung] I’d like to be good in Japanese… ^^
[Junho] None.
[Chansung] I want to try acting!

16. Tell us an important deed from your school days.
[Junsu] In primary school days, at a broadcast (I was working
hard opening the videos)
[Nichkhun] I was a representative at a badminton game
[Taecyeon] I spent my school days modestly.
[Wooyoung] I was working hard at studying and dancing
[Junho] I was famous for dancing
[Chansung] I can’t think of anything special

17. What can’t you forgive a woman?
[Junsu] Unfaithfullness
[Nichkhun] Cheap looking actions (lol)
[Taecyeon] Lying
[Wooyoung] Lies T_T
[Junho] When she speaks about gender equality and then suddenly
goes “because I’m a woman” - that’s contradictory!
[Chansung] Someone who’s always playing the baby.

18. If you could become invisible for one day, what would you do?
[Junsu] I’d take off my clothes (because no one can see me anyways)
and walk around.
[Nichkhun] I’d go on a trip
[Taecyeon] I want to walk freely around the neighbourhood
[Wooyoung] There’s so much I’d like to do T_T
[Junho] I’d walk down a street
[Chansung] I’d walk up and down a street

19. What song would you listen to in order to lift up your spirits?
[Junsu] D’Angelo - Feel Like Makin’ Love
[Nichkhun] Bruno Mars - Marry You
[Taecyeon] Dream High OST - My Valentine
[Wooyoung] Modjo - Lady
[Junho] Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
[Chansung] Muse - Hysteria

20. If you haven’t become a singer, what would you be doing now?
[Junsu] Fiction writer
[Nichkhun] Interior designer
[Taecyeon] University student
[Wooyoung] I think I would be doing something with interior design,
at the same time involved in music production as well.
[Junho] I can’t even imagine that. Probably would be composing music.
[Chansung] Sporsman (Kendo, Taekwondo)

Jap-Kor: misty @woogle
Kor-Eng: Egle

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