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Infinite - Inspirit Album Messages


Promotions for the 2nd mini album, where Infinite tried out many things, has ended. To show a better side of us to fans, we lost weight and wanted to show a more mature side for our music—-. Thank you so much looking at us nicely and we were really happy. We could gain more strength because we had partners called ‘Inspirits’. We will think of Inspirits and put more effort in, then show everyone our improving sides. I sincerely love you. Inspirit—-.

From Infinite’s head chief, Sunggyu


Our Infinite! I would like to first thank the Infinite members who worked all the individualities for the songs off our 2nd mini album, really well. I feel proud because I think we showed everyone a more perfect and improved stage. As expected from Infinite! As we learn things one by one, we are gradually rising in participation for everything. So we will concentrate more and soon! let’s make it so that the songs Infinite makes will be loved by the whole world!!! 

Infinite + Inspirit = Infinitely fighting!!!

From Infinite’s Choco Eyes, Dongwoo


Promotions for our gem of an album, the 2nd mini album, has ended. Although there were things that we didn’t receive while promoting a really good song called BTD, we received a lot of things because all 7 of us became one and did our best. We won’t just stay content with what we have received. We’ll work harder to always show an improving side to us and always show our burning passion. Inspirits, who have always been a reliable support to us! Because they are there, we will not fall down. We will always stay in the same spot! Woollim Family, daebak!

From Infinite’s Newclear, Woohyun


While promoting for our 2nd mini album, we felt a lot of things that we couldn’t really feel during our 1st album. Could we do well? Although that was what I questioned, I gained confidence that we can do well and also confirmed our infinite possibilities for the future. I just set my first step towards my dream and there are still many things left that I need to achieve. For the fans who believe in me and us, I will never become tired and do my best to become the world’s best artist.

Infinite’s Talented Hoya


The end of 2nd mini album promotions has already arrived.. From our debut to now, I think that time goes by too fast. Rather than regret, the memories of being happy everyday allows me to stay here… Because there’s still many things I need to learn… Because there’s still a lot of my skills that I haven’t been able to show yet… Because there’s still new memories that will come with Inspirit, I shall live with a new mind every day. And I will run forward more. Inspirit, who always sends warm hearts to Infinite! Be eternal~

From Infinite’s Height, Sungyeol


I think we were able to confirm our team’s teamwork through the recent promotions. To all the people who always support us and become strength for us, I want to leave a word of thanks and say that I love you! ^^ I feel like I’m living in a dream right now. Infinite, who works hard to make all these dream-like events become a reality, will dream another large dream tomorrow. I shall be a L who improves more in the future!! Watch over Infinite till the end!! Fighting!!

From Infinite’s Presence (T/N: someone who’s important), L


While promoting our 2nd mini album, a person named Sungjong, became more mature. I could enjoy myself on stage more and my mind was relaxed. I felt that the stage gives me life. Although there were regrets, I’m happy that there were more things that I learned. In the team, I’m the youngest who receives love. But I will repay back with more love than the hyungs, who I’m very proud of, and I received together. Thank you so much for the large support and infinite love and affection you give us. And I would like to thank all the people who work hard for Infinite, I love you.

From Infinite’s Makdoongie/Youngest, Jjongie


Source: hyejin @ infinite updates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
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