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110328 Infinite’s Album, Cannot Sell Because There’s None Left?

Ran out of 20,000 copies for the first time - Going to produce an additional 10,000 copies

Competing with Big Bang and DBSK on album chart rankings

The group, Infinite, has entered as ‘Album Eaters

All 20,000 copies of their new single that was released on the 17th, ‘Inspirit’, has been sold for the first time. Infinite is competing on Hanteo’s chart, the information site for total albums sold, with large seniors like DBSK and Big Bang. They were 4th place on the weekly chart for the 21st and were 4th on daily charts for the 26th and 27th.

A representative from Infinite’s company, Woollim Entertainment revealed, “We weren’t expecting the sales to be high because it’s a single and not an official album, but the needed quantity started increasing. Retail stores are running low so 10,000 more copies are being produced.”

The single’s title song, ‘Nothing’s Over’, is doing well on music charts. It is entering at a high rank on various music sites’ real time charts and is starting a heated competition.

trans. cr: hyejin @ infinite updates
source: sports korea

I'm honestly surprised. o _ o Maybe those kInspirits bought a ton of multiples for the cards? But I'm still proud of them nonetheless. ^^
And OT, but will there be a post for stripper!Namstar? :|
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