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Big Bang will release their new album this April 8th with two title tracks “Stupid Liar” and “Love S

Big Bang’s Special Edition album will contain three new songs and will be released on April 8th and new activities will follow.

On the 28th YG Entertaintment said, “Big Bang’s new special edition album will bring a total of 10 songs, of which 3 songs are new. In the 5 years since Big Bang debuted they have never released a repackaged album or best album, this time too with the first special edition album, there will be a new album jacket design and special packaging.“

For the new special album YG Ent has decided to promote 2 songs. Big Bang will promote “Love Song”, a song quite different from Big Bang’s usual music style and “Stupid Liar”, which will have strong rock tendencies.

Also, Daesung’s solo, “Baby Don’t Cry”, which was first heard at Big Bang’s BIG SHOW last February is scheduled to be included in this album as well.

Big Bang ended their fourth mini-album promotions on SBS’s Inkigayo last March 27th but they plan to start acitivities again on April 10th via Inkigayo with their double title tracks.

YG spoke about their Japanese plans as well, “Big Bang’s Japanese tour is scheduled for May and Juny so unfortunately activities for this special edition album are expected to end on May 1st. It’s rather unfortunate that they’ll have a short activity period of only 3 weeks but they will try to go on as many stations as possible so fans can see them.”

A music video for “Love Song” will be released on April 15th!


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