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King of Kkap fell down the stage

Jo Kwon, slipped and fell off the stage during concert.. “Fortunately it’s a slight injury”

Although 2AM’s Jo Kwon slipped and fell off the stage, fortunately it is said that he did not suffer serious injury.

Jo Kwon fell off the stage during their performance at the “10th Lotte Duty Free Shop Family Concert” held on 26th March at the Olympic Stadium, Seoul.

The accident happened when Jo Kwon and his fellow members were performing GOD’s “One Candle” and when they stepped forward to the protruding stage.

It happened out of a sudden during a passionate performance, so obviously the other members and all fans and staff there let out a shriek of shock.

According the the majority of the fans at the concert, Jo Kwon quickly climbed up the stage and continued dancing as if nothing had happened.

Jo Kwon tried not to make his fans worry but fans were worried when he exited the stage with the help of his team members and even walked with a limp.

Fans who attended the concert said that the reason Jo Kwon had the accident and fell off the stage is because of the poor lighting.

Big Hit Entertainment stated, “Jo Kwon was trying to hold hands with the fans, so he went to the protruding stage but suddenly fell off. It was because it was dark on the stage, and the diagnosis from the hospital said that Jo Kwon suffers minor injury.”

“Lotte Duty Free Shop Family Concert” which began in 2004 is an event held annually to reward the customers of Lotte Duty Free Shop and is also an event where the most popular artists participate in.

TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAM for 2AM - 2AM International Forum (www.iamfor2am.com)

Jo Kwon complimented for his professionalism

Even he was injured because of the fall, Jo Kwon kept hosting Inkigayo… “Didn’t even know he was injured” viewers complimented

2AM’s Jo Kwon is showered with compliments from viewers because of his professionalism.

On SBS “Inkigayo” aired live on 27th March, Jo Kwon stood on stage as MC together with Lee Ki Kwang, IU and Sulli till the end of the show.

From start to finish Jo Kwon kept on a cheerful face and viewers did not even aware of the fact that he was “injured”.

But the day before the show, on 26th March, during the “10th Lotte Duty Free Shop Family Concert” held at Olympic Stadium, Jo Kwon fell off the stage while performing god’s “One Candle”.

At that time, Jo Kwon quickly got onto the stage again and joined his members, but when fans found out that at the end of the performance he was limping and was helped by his members to exit the stage, fans were worried.

Viewers who watched Inkigayo praised his professionalism, saying, “Actually I knew that Jo Kwon was injured after the show. I was not aware of it during the show”, “Where did you say Jo Kwon got hurt? His professionalism is incredible”, “It seemed like he didn’t do much kkap… I guess it’s because he didn’t feel well. Please take care of your health, Kwon”, “Come to think of it, he really worked hard during the show”.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon’s agency said, “After the show Jo Kwon went to the hospital to get some treatment. It was shocking but it is not a major injury, just a minor bruising. It is a bit concerning, but it’s not something to be worried about.”

TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAM for 2AM - 2AM International Forum (www.iamfor2am.com)

Fancam from the performance

(around 2.15-2.18)


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sob, get some rest bb ;_____;

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