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Infinite in your news, stealin' your headliners

Group Infinite showed their satisfying feelings of the growing popularity of their 3rd single album ‘Inspirit’.

Infinite who had an interview on the morning of the 28th, was asked what the feel of the fans reactions were after the release of the 3rd single album and answered “We think the reactions are better than when were promoting our second mini album, BTD. It feels like we have gotten higher on the music charts and there are now many fans who follow the cheering when we perform. We also have seen a lot of fans who smile at us like a mother”.

Also the members answered “We think a lot of fans are loving us because of the cute fresh concept seeing as the season is spring. At each performance we put in different adlibs and there are lot of fans who watch our cheeky sides carefully” and explained their driving popularity.


There you go, another 'stop the presses' news release about Infinite. But admit it, everyone's just going to lap up every single word of it as if it were the last Bacon Tomato Deluxe in existence.

And forever lol-ing at the "smile at us like a mother" line. Smile at you like filthy minded pedo-noonas is more like it. Oh those naively innocent boys.
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