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Romantic Couch & Kim Wan Sun release MV teaser for “Like A Virgin”


Korea’s sexy queen of the ’80s, Kim Wan Sun, has collaborated with electronic indie band ‘Romantic Couch‘ for an exciting upcoming single titled “Like A Virgin“!

On March 25th, Romantic Couch released a captivating MV teaser featuring the idol, which quickly spread like wildfire across the community boards. Older netizens particularly were amused by the younger generation, as they scrambled to figure out who the elegant diva was.

Netizens commented, “Korea’s Madonna is back,” “She’s extremely sexy without showing any skin,” and “I hope to dearly see her on stage!”

The full music video and single will be released through MelOn, dosirak, Cyworld and other major music sites as of March 29th.


Source: Star News via Nate | allkpopclover103k

I just want to know what kind of a name Romantic Couch is. -.-
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