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SJ-Marvelous can't go anywhere because of stalker fans

Really fulfilling their wish to have a long stay in Taiwan, but SJ-M expressed in dismay that: "Can't leave the house, because no matter where we go there would be people following (us) around...". Super Junior had just finished three consecutive concerts in Taiwan in the middle of the month, its subunit SJ-M, which aims to develop in the Chinese market, came to Taiwan quietly the other day to prepare for a long stay. The members even joked in Chinese, saying that: "Look for us to film advertisements, the prices are negotiable". Even though they would like to blend in more with the life in Taipei, but because they have too many fans following them around, they were unable to move around freely, and replied to the media in dismay, saying that: "We can't really go out".

Through the arrangement of their Taiwanese management agency Fulong Production Company, SJ-M reached Taiwan on the 24th (of March) to kick-off their short-term residence plan in the country. Aside from Siwon and Donghae's participation in an idol drama, the other members also hope that they would be able to delve into various other sectors. Donghae and Kyuhyun even joined hands and joked in Chinese, saying that: "We hope that we would be able to have more activities in Taiwan, the prices are negotiable". Eunhyuk poured a bucket of cold water* on Donghae from the side (saying): "(Endorsing) Underwear is fine too", causing the whole venue to burst into laughter. Aside from that, they also hired a teacher to teach them Mandarin, and Kyuhyun supplemented that they learned extra information such as "Why is it like that" and "I'm hungry" in the Taiwanese language.

When asked whether they have been to any particular place after arriving in Taipei, Zhou Mi revealed that they went to the Shih Lin Night Market a few days ago, and that they have also dined at a famous Sichuan cuisine restaurant. Aside from that, Henry also bought some Taiwanese-styled fried chicken for everyone. However, when asked whether there were any other places that they would like to visit, Donghae expressed exasperatedly that they couldn't really do so and they couldn't go out much either, because there would be a lot of people following them around; and when questioned whether they weren't used to the food (in Taiwan), Ryeowook said that apart from Eunhyuk, the rest of the members were able to adapt to it well, and Sungmin even showed signs of growing chubbier.

SJ-M, who would be staying in Taipei for a period of time, said that they have a lot of plans scheduled as of now, and hoped that they would be able to interact with the people who like them at a closer proximity, and in the end Siwon said in Chinese that: "We want to prove the saying 'the greater the anticipation, the greater the disappointment' wrong, and we want to let everyone know that the long wait is worth it!"

* Not literally; it means to bring someone down.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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