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Project group ‘Clover’ reveals “La Vida Loca“ MV teaser


We reported earlier that Eun Ji Won was coming back with a new collaboration group called ‘Clover‘, which he created with Typhoon and Gilme. To build up the hype for their debut, the trio has just unleashed their hot MV teaser!

Eun Ji Won explained beforehand, “I’ve been working with them for a while, and I often thought that if the three of us came together as a group, we’d be able to pursue the type of music we wanted to. We’re all passionate about the same genre of music, which was the basis for us getting together.”

He continued, “This project album won’t feature any of the auto-tune and hooks that are so popular with mainstream music. Instead, we’ll be writing and composing everything in order to produce something unique to ourselves.”

The album’s official release is set for the 31st!

click for teaser!Collapse )

source: allkpop | AsianDream2011

sounds like it could be awesome!
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