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[Heart to Heart] tracklist and cover unveiled !

"4minute countdown has begun [Heart to Heart]"
Big girl group 4minute's return is launched. With 'Hot Issue' and 'Muzik' in 2009 and 'HUH' in 2010, they have established themselves as hit makers. Combining music, fashion and performances at the same time, their equally molded appeals have been acknowledged. In spring 2011, they underwent 200-day-long preparations and now make their comeback to the music industry. They head off with the title track 'Heart to Heart' of their new concept that brings a mature charisma that can also be described as captivating.

Their new song 'Heart to Heart', dubbed as 2011's best 'Hot single' and released after 1 year of absence, is not overwhelming with the strong charisma that became 4minute's trademark and that the girls have kept bringing on since their debut; it is filled with sweet charms. With the 4minute members' personalities and the smooth melody being well compounded, this song displays this spring's energy as well as a strong hooking feature. In particular, Hyunah, who has been assigned the rap parts from the very beginning, starts singing with a charming voice. Also, anyone can relate to the lyrics depicting the members - all aged around 20 - complaining to their boyfriends.

Besides the title track, the new songs in [Heart to Heart] that the fans have all been waiting are various and thrilling: the tracklist follows with the refreshing 'Sweet Suga Honey!', then the serenade to the fans 'You Know', to end with a ballad that expected our expectations '모르는 척'. Through [Heart to Heart], fans from all over the world will enjoy 4minute's sweet and cute charms as well as their genuine and sad feelings at the same time. 4minute's countdown to climb towards the top has begun.

1. 4 Minutes Left
2. Heart to Heart
3. Sweet Suga Honey!
4. You Know
5. 모르는 척

[Heart to Heart] will be officially released on March 29th at 12:00AM KST.

Sources: 4-minutes Forum & Melon
so pist it's not a full album but w/e. rumors have it they'll have 2nd follow up mini like with b3st
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