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Kim Dongwan Cast As The Lead In The Musical "Hedwig"!

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This is Liveworks Company.
We will be announcing a bit of long-awaited news about Dongwan's acting activities.

Kim Dongwan has been cast as the star for the musical , which will start showing in May.

The musical has become one of the most popular musicals in Korea since its first show in 2005,
and tomorrow official news on the cast for the 2011 musical will be released.

The role of 'Hedwig,' rated by actors as one of the most unique and rare characters in musical history, is said to be a very attractive role looked up to by actors, being even more attractive than being cast in other musicals or plays, even movies.

We hope you will be looking forward to 'Kim Dongwan's Hedwig' this year, which will be bringing forth a new syndrome in the 2011 musical world.
Also in the last half of the year we will work hard so that we will be able to meet you through dramas and other diverse activities.

Thank you.

The lyrics and script for the musical were written by Cameron Mitchell, also a member of the original cast, and the music was written by guitarist Stephen Trask. It is a rock musical in concert form which tells the story of the failed trans-gender rock star 'Hedwig' from East Germany, her husband 'Yitzchak,' and the rock band 'Angry Inch.' Hedwig's monologue, which takes place in Hotel Riverview on the shores of New York West Village Hudson where the survivors of the Titanic in 1912 stayed, the rough and coarse animation, and the best punk rock lauded by many rock manias of the world, are the reason why even at this moment 'Hedwig' is still being sold out in more than 80 cities.
The musical , which has taken its place as the best stylish rock musical of the century since its first performance in 2005 in Korea, has recorded more than 85% ticket share every performance, and is gathering much popularity by bringing up large issues each time it has been performed.


KT&G Samsung Art Hall (Samsung Station Exit 2)

Interpark 1544-1555 ticket.interpark.com
(*Tickets opened on March 31st 2:00PM)
(*Schedules for specific appearances are still being negotiated, so the schedule will be updated as soon as they are confirmed)

Show Note, CJ E&M

Hedwig: Kim Dongwan, Choi Jaewoong, Cho Jungsuk, Kim Jaewook
Yitzchak: Lee Youngmi, Chun Hyesun, Choi Woori
Angry Inch Band: Lee Jun, Kim Minki, Chae Jemin, Zakky, Seo Jaehyuk, Choi Kiho, Kang Woonhee, Lee Junhee

Sources: Liveworks Company and orisic@Shinhwa.biz
Photo: AbsolutShinhwa

Congrats Dongwan~! ♥
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