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The End of the Kingdom of Ends

Celebrating 4 years of Kara-blessings~

Yo Omona. Listen up carefully. What date is it? It's. 3. 29. 11 (3/28/11 in the Western Hemisphere).

Seungyeon breaks Twitter hiatus, tweets message to Kamilia

"4 years has passed. I've been away.. and I'm very sorry that only now I could say something. To all the fans who says they are waiting (for us), I want to let you know that I'm really thankful about it. Whatever I say is going to be weird.. I love you all is really what is most important."

Kara 4th Anniversary Video!

Kara sheds tears at Urakara final episode concert special TT

In the last episode of Urakara, the girls perform a special concert live, attended by members of Kara's official fanclub in Japan. The girls all began crying during the performance, and told fans they would continue to work hard and hope they will continue to show Kara love and support.

Fanaccount at last Urakara performance


Everyone, good evening!

The filming took 17 hours to finish...
Right now I'm on my way home on the Shinkansen
Actually this is my first time to ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo

More accurately, I went here to see KARA for the first time... About the filming's contents, there is a lot that I want to write about.

"Everyone, please don't write about today's stuff in your blogs or the internet!" They made us promise this so I won't write.

But of course, I'll give you a sneak peak

So instead of that, I'll write out everything that I felt!

I can't believe it myself
The moment that KARA came out...

I cried

That song, you can't listen to it (T^T)
Their voices really touch you (;w;)

No matter how many times I hear it, I cry (><)

During filming...
Gyuri's MC-ing was really funny haha

And when all of the filming was finished...
Who knew that each one of them gets to comment!

Everyone cried.

Hara-chan, while crying, said "Everyone, please believe in KARA."
Gyuri and Nicole was also crying when they said their comments.
Seungyeon was also crying when she she said "From here on out, the 5 members of KARA will go on this journey with all of you. I promise!!"
Jiyoung too: "Let us be by your side. Please believe in us!!"

I don't even know how long I cried.

I probably cried as much as a Harowota*, at her peak.

Even right now, I'm still crying (';w;')

Those things go without saying!!
We really believe in you guys! what my heart constantly whispers (laugh)

During the last part, they said "It's okay to move freely."

I was holding a pink Harowota-style wallet...

My new friend told me "That's cool!" (laugh)

It's Mikarin who feels better

To see the real KARA, I still can't believe it
It feels like I'm in an eternal dream world <3

I wish to see them again soon!!

Kara dominates February 2011 Yahoo Japan Music Charts - TRIPLE KILL

Album sales: Girl's Talk #1, Kara Best #3

Song: Jumping #1, Mister #3

Artist: Kara #1

Japan Yahoo Music is collected from Oricon, Japan I-tunes, Mora music download ranking, and Yahoo Sound Station.

KARA has gotten #1 for all ALBUM and ARTIST category for 4 months from 2010.11 - 12 to 2011.01 - 02. To take #1 for the song category alone for one day is difficult. For 4 months is incredible. Kara being the champs that they are~


Sources: Title gif respectfully taken from Giantbabyjing@tumblrSY's Twitter, Translated by Benbenkr@Twitter, AdorkableKaraSeason3@YT, Urakara gifs from Ournikori, Fanaccount translated by melukia @ Karaholic (Original blog), music rankings translated from Kara-t


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