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Sohee’s fashion secret, discovered?

Recently a fashion community cafe analyzed Sohee’s fashion clothes and much to their surprise they discovered her ’secret’, which is her way of coordinating old clothes and upgrading it into something new.

A netizen said “Back in 2008, Sohee was wearing that same black coat that she was seen wearing recently at the airport”, and continued saying he would look for more identical clothes.

After looking for more photos of Sohee with identical clothes the netizen noticed that she was wearing a striped shirt when she debuted and when she was doing a broadcast. She was also spotted wearing a red knitted dress at a fansigning event 2 years ago and at the end of last year. She was also seen wearing the black coat at a fashion show event. The shoes, bag, and hats are not the only fashion items. She occasionally wears a red knitted hat at airports, concerts, and when there is no broadcasts.

The netizen added “Sohee’s way of fashion is that she uses old clothes and coordinates it into something new” and “she doesn’t just pick random luxurious items but instead she coordinates to look nice”.

Another netizen stated “Even if I wear clothes for one day it’ll look old but Sohee seems to manage hers pretty well”.

Others flooded her with praise stating “Such meticulous fashion sense. I think it’s prudent”, “Exposed shift-wear mania?”, “peculiar way of managing clothes”.

Sources: Money Today Korea (original Korean), wonderr23 @ soompi (translation), WonderfulsWorld
Tags: fashion, netizens, sohee, wonder girls

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